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55 winners in GoPro Million Dollar Challenge



This year’s GoPro Million Dollar Challenge received a record 42,446 videos which is a 66% increase in submissions year-over-year.

The video above is 100% user-generated video captured exclusively on the HERO11 Black and HERO11 Black Mini cameras. In the end, 55 creators from 21 countries were rewarded with $18,181.81 USD (27,539.90 AUD) each for their submission.

“The HERO11 Black and Mini Million Dollar Challenge video celebrates the creativity of our inspired customers,” said GoPro Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman.

“Congratulations to this year’s creators—your videos inspire millions of people around the world to pursue their own interests and passions.”


GoPro has awarded $5 million dollars to Million Dollar Challenge award recipients over the past five years. The HERO11 Black + Mini contest window ran for just under 10 weeks from 26 January through to 2nd April 2023.

GoPro added an additional first this year with voiceover narration.

Winners found out if they made the cut by watching the global premiere of the compilation video. I noticed a Qld Reds jersey in the clip so a shoutout to the Reds Rugby fans for picking up a nice mid-season bonus.

In fact, five Australians were selected as winners. Alex Kydd, Jayden Lawson, Max Homer, Alex Mioni, and Dylan DeHaas.

Reds Rugby jersey spotted in the winners video

Compete Winners List:

Alex KyddLuca Arici
Alex MioniStig Hoefnagel
Dylan deHaasGordon Schuecker
Jayden LawsonRodrigo Vicente
Max HomerÁlvaro Penadés
Aichi OnoLidia Ruiz
Hitomi KomatsuMartino Minen
星野 元希Roger Mas Bermejo
村本 紗耶花Victor de Valles Ibañez
Jungho Yoon (윤중호)Andresa Alves
Julius Caezar AquinoFrecia Leriana Coleto de Melo
Zack ZhaoEvan Macalister
David AndreevJolene Fargo
David RauchenbergerSteve Shannon
Theis MeckbachAndy Potts
Greg SlaterAron Harvey
Arnaud BlinBrandon Rieck
Aurélien ChicoColby Stevenson
Hensli SageNicholas Hilton
JC PieriPatrick Conroy
Luca FaninPierce Cameron
Vincent TupinShane Lotz
Gonzalo Gonzalez de Vega EstrellaVernon Shane Benton
Jannis HoffmannAditya Nayak
Robby WendrockLisa Kytosaho
Alex MelissLuke Bell
Nazar Doroshkevych

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