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Avoid Being Scammed: Bitdefender Scamio Now in WhatsApp



Revealed First on Sky News Weekend Edition Tech Chat with Djuro Sen

Bitdefender’s excellent AI chatbot – Scamio – is now integrated with WhatsApp. Scamio is a free service that analyses suspicious links, texts or QR codes. I started using the web app when it first launched and now I’ve been testing it within WhatsApp.

On your phone, click here to add Scamio as a contact in WhatsApp. From there you’ll have to login/create a free Bitdefender account. Once you’re connected, simply drop suspicious content, like a link or text message into a conversation with Scamio. Describe how you received the possible scam and what concerns you have about it.

 Scamio analyses and provides a verdict in a few seconds, sometimes a bit longer, along with recommendations on further actions. It’s a great contact to have in your database.

The conversational manner in which the checking takes place also makes it easier to understand what potential problems you could be facing.

Bitdender says, “Scamio was developed to disrupt criminal operations as threat actors rapidly increase adoption of AI and large language models and use of popular messaging apps and online services to steal money, credentials, and personal data. ”

The QR code option is a good one to look at I believe. Many people just automatically scan and click without checking if the site is legitimate. According to the Global State of Scams – 2023 Report, 76 per cent of respondents encountered an online scam at least once a month.

It definitely pays to stay alert.

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Scamio – Bitdefender’s Free Scam Detection Service Powered by AI



Most of the time we can easily spot a scam email, text or social media link but there are times when you need a bit of expert advice before making the final call to click on that link.

Enter .. Scamio.

As I explained to Jaynie Seal on Sky News Weekend Edition in the video above, Scamio is a free scam detection service from Bitdefender, driven by artificial intelligence. You do need to create an account but other than that, it’s a free, safe service to use.

It’s accessed via web browser or through Facebook Messenger. It incorporates advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and interpret user conversations (even language nuances and subtleties typically used in scams) accurately.

Just like most chatbots, Scamio will interact with you in a conversational style. It offers a strong second opinion on potential fraud attempts by analysing emails, text messages, images, individual links, and even QR codes. QR codes is a big one!

Users just copy and paste a link, or image into the chatbot interface and Scamio provides a verdict along with recommendations on further action (‘delete’ and/or ‘block contact’ for example) and preventative measures to protect against that type of scam against future attempts.

I found the links I tested received a response in a few seconds while the images took longer, sometimes over a minute.

Even hardened online warriors will benefit from a service like Scamio.

If you want to give it a try you can have a go here.

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