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Belkin Launches New Qi2 Chargers at CES



I’m a massive fan of Qi (pronounced CHEE) wireless charging, especially on the iPhone with Belkin chargers. Apple’s MagSafe charging is a step above the rest due its perfect alignment with magnets. But now everyone can get the benefits of magnetic alignment with Qi2.


Qi2 will deliver 15-watts (for now) to supported devices and unify the wireless charging industry under one global standard. Like the move to USB-C, Qi2, will mean one wireless charger for all devices. This includes Magnetic Power Profile technology which aligns devices and chargers perfectly for improved energy efficiency, faster charging, and easier usability. So Android users can enjoy a MagSafe like experience out of the box.


BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Magnetic Stand

Using Qi2 standard, Belkin’s 3-in-1 wireless charger offers perfect alignment and reliable charging for Qi2-enabled devices at 15W, fast charging for Apple Watch Series 7 and later, and optimal charging for wireless earbuds. The adjustable hinge allows users to move the angle of the phone for optimal viewing while watching videos, reading articles or video chatting. It is made with a minimum 75% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. It launches in March for A$229.95.

BoostCharge Pro Magnetic Power Bank

The Qi2 magnetic power bank delivers up to 15W of power for Qi2-enabled devices on-the-go, without the hassle of cables. It is engineered with an integrated kickstand for propping the phone up while streaming, reading, or chatting, and works with magnetic and MagSafe cases up to 3mm thick. “Power pass-through” allows for charging the power bank and Qi2 device in one simple action via USB-C port. Offered in 5K, 8K and 10K options, consumers can choose the best power bank for their charging needs. Internal housing (excluding cable) of this product is made with a minimum 72% PCR materials.

This will launch sometime after March for 5K A$99.95 | 8K – A$119.95 | 10K – $149.95.

BoostCharge Pro 4-Port USB-C GaN Charger 200W

The new 4-Port USB-C GaN Wall Charger packs 200W of power for fast charging up to 4 devices at the same time. It supports high powered laptops and gaming laptops and is engineered with GaN technology and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) to provide efficient power output and smart power allocation, giving connected devices a safe and optimal charge. The 4-Port USB-C GaN Wall Charger declutters the workspace while charging laptops, tablets, phones, smart watches and earbuds simultaneously – no extra power bricks needed. It is compact and power-packed, measured at 92mm x 118.5mm x 35.5mm, and 650g/1.32lbs. The housing (excluding power cord) of this product is made with a minimum 72% PCR materials.

This will launch shortly for A$189.95.

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Belkin: Why Quality Surge Protection Matters More Than Ever



As the number of smart devices continues to increase in our homes, so does the risk of expensive power surge events. Every time there’s a blackout or lightning strike nearby, there’s a chance a sudden voltage spike will damage your sensitive electronic appliances.

A power surge is a Transient Overvoltage. This is a massive spike in the power supply over an extremely short period. A strong power surge will quickly destroy your Smart TV, Fridge or computers, costing tens of thousands of dollars. This can happen when devices are plugged in and ‘turned off’ or in standby mode.

Even if your equipment appears to be intact, repeated surges from brownouts will lead to the deterioration of electronic components. Consumers should also note that cheap power boards with a trip switch aren’t the solution to surge events.


Last week Belkin released a pretty affordable series of Surge Protection power boards with different levels of protection. They also have warranty coverage of up to $70,000 if a device is destroyed while plugged into one of their boards. 

They come in 1, 4, 6 and 8 outlet options, delivering up to 1800 joule ratings, fast charging dual USB-C Power Delivery Ports, Hardworking MOV’s (Metal Oxide Varistors), and 6 or 11 point safety systems.

High-capacity metal oxide varistors (MOVs) absorb damaging excess energy and release it as heat to protect your connected device .

“Surge Protection is one of our most important categories in this region,” aid Jamie Laing-Reece, Head of Product Management, Belkin ANZ.

“We know that Australian and New Zealand consumers want their key home technology to be protected, and it’s now more important than ever with the cost of connected devices on the rise. Storms can be wild and unpredictable, so it’s vital that consumers can rely on a brand like ours for enhanced protection and peace of mind.”



1 Outlet Surge Protector

·       1,800 joules of surge protection    

·       $30,000 Warranty for connected devices    

 4 Outlet Surge protector

·       525 joules of surge protection   

·       $40,000 Warranty for connected devices

 6 Outlet Surge protector

·       650 joules of surge protection  

·       $50,000 Warranty for connected devices 

8 Outlet Surge protector

·       900 joules of surge protection 

·       $70,000 Warranty for connected devices  


A built-in indicator light shows you that your protection is active and working, and lets you know if it’s time to change your surge protector. A recessed power switch offers security against accidental shut off. 

In the 4, 6 and 8 outlet models, the USB-C ports offer Power Delivery for faster charging with compatible devices. Onboard PPS (Programmable Power Supply) technology detects the connected device and negotiates the optimal amount of power needed for an ideal fast charge.  Up to to 30W of power is shared across the two ports.


An 11-point safety system ensures your device is plugged into a protector that offers overvoltage, over-temperature, overload, over-current, short-circuit and clamping voltage defence. It offers 3-line AC protection (ground, neutral, and line) and is made from material that passes a Glow Wire Test at 850℃. An indicator light shows when surge protection is active, and a warning light shows when the power coming through is not grounded. 



You’ll find the new Belkin surge protectors at Belkin’s website or any of the top electronics stores.

1 Outlet Surge Protector $34.95 AUD/ $39.95 NZD

4 Outlet Surge Protector $79.95 AUD/ $89.95 NZD

6 Outlet Surge Protector $89.95 AUD/ $109.95 NZD

8 Outlet Surge Protector $99.95 AUD/ $129.95 NZD

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Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank 5K Now Available



Ever since Belkin’s new BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank 5K with Travel Adapter (gotta speak to them about names) was revealed at IFA last year, I wanted one.

And now I have have one.

The Belkin Australia team sent through a device this week and I’ll be taking it everywhere I go from now on. That’s because this charger solves a number of travel problems in one tidy unit.

The Travel Adapter has dual ports to simultaneously charge two devices, while its integrated PD3.0 Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology provides safe high-speed charging to almost all USB and PD-enabled devices. It includes 25W USB-C PD3.0 PPS wall charger for fast charging and 20W power bank 5K for a quick power boost to your device.

That’s a lot in a small package.

BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank 5K with Travel Adapter Kit

  • Dual ports (1x USB-C and 1x USB-A) support two devices charging simultaneously 
  • 25W USB-C PD3.0 PPS wall charger for fast charging 
  • 20W power bank 5K for a quick power boost to your device 
  • Portable and sleek design that fits in your pocket 
  • Includes 3.3ft/1m USB-C to USB-C cable and interchangeable regional power plugs (US/EU/UK/AU)
  • Built-in overcharge protection keeps your smartphone safe while connected to the power bank
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Made with a minimum of 72% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic
  • 100% plastic-free packaging

“In what will be a huge year of new product introductions for Belkin, our latest two-in-one hybrid charger stands tall as a solution that delivers the best in charging technology, delivered in a robust and beautiful design,” said Jamie Laing-Reece, Head of Product Management, Belkin ANZ

Pricing and Availability:

Now available at JB Hi-Fi, and other leading Australian retailers for a RRP of A$119.95

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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Bitdefender goes after Illuminati Scammers



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Kristie Lloyd) we took a look at the analysis of the – Illuminati spam campaign – revealing the scam has expanded from email to message apps.  

Bitdefender Antispam Lab researchers have conducted research on an ongoing scam involving targeting Australians, where so-called ‘Illuminati cabals’ are promising A$300,000+ monthly salaries, new houses, appointments with celebrities and free access to the Bohemian Grove, an elite invitation-only club.

A sample batch of international phone numbers used to set up WhatsApp business accounts to scam victims were from the US, Italy and Greece, and Bitdefender decided to contact all of them

Australia has been the second most targeted country for the scam after the US, with scammers referring to themselves as ‘Grand Masters’ and ‘Brothers’ over WhatsApp and requesting people’s trust and loyalty as they attempt to get them to fill out a form packed with personally identifiable information. Bitdefender led one scammer along and eventually called them out and ghosted them, leading to the scammer making threats for ‘tempting him’.

The ‘Illuminati’ scammers may also begin targeting users using the same copied/recycled messages via social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We advise individuals to remain vigilant and ignore any messages claiming to be sent on behalf of grand masters or special recruiters on behalf of any Illuminati or Illuminati-affiliated organisations.


Belkin’s first-of-its-kind power bank provides fast charge capabilities for newer Apple Watch models and iPhone simultaneously while on-the-go. It’s out next week but I already have one here. 

Able to fully charge the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Series 7 from 0% to 80% in about 45 minutes, and Apple Watch Ultra 0% to 80% in about an hour.

It can charge the Apple Watch Series 8 fourteen times, or iPhone 14 twice. 

It also supports wireless charging for Airpods Pro (2nd generation).

Additional Product features:

  • Built with a 20W USB-C PD port for fast charging the power bank itself as well as an additional device
  • Provides up to 36 hours of video playback for iPhone 14 with 10,000mAh cell capacity
  • Built with overcharge protection and fully certified by USB-IF and MFi to deliver safe, fast, efficient power
  • Includes 12-inch USB-C cable for charging power bank
  • Ships in plastic-free retail packaging
  • Belkin’s Connected Equipment Warranty covers up to $2500 for peace of mind

The BoostCharge Pro Fast Wireless Charger for Apple Watch + Power Bank 10K will be available from Tuesday, June 13 online from for $139.95.


It now includes BINGE and Kayo Sports which means if you travel you can take those channels with you. Both apps were recently added to the Amazon Fire App Store. Punters were demanding it from Amazon and they have now delivered.

The advantage is portability. You can move the Fire TV Stick from TV to TV via HDMI port. This includes hotels. All you have to do is connect to the hotel WIFI or Hotspot and you have a big screen TV wherever you want to go.

And now that means BINGE and Kayo too. 


Building a budget has never been more important, and following the RBA’s 12th rate rise since April 2022, Australians need one now more than ever. 

The first time you load Aussie made app Simplsaver, it will present you with the four most common budget costs to get you on your way: housing, shopping, phone, and internet. Everything is preset and ready, and all you need to do is enter your costs to get started ASAP.

Those first few costs can take as little as 30 seconds to enter, kickstarting a budget immediately. From there, you can add any other costs and build a more complete view, letting you know where you can cut back on spending, if you can. 

It relies on two things – your costs and salary – and quickly calculates your finances for the month based on regular or one-off spends. And if you go into budget stress, your remaining dollar figure will turn into a button to offer resources aimed to help.

Alongside the speed and simplicity of the app are extra features, such as pre-populated services pricing, built-in comparison calculators on select costs, and total privacy. 

Everything entered into Simplsaver is stored entirely on a user’s phone, with no data stored in a shared cloud environment whatsoever. In an age where data leaks have become the norm, Simplsaver bucks the trend by going the other way, and ensuring users aren’t the product. 

Simplsaver was created by Australian tech journalist Leigh Stark.

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