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Blackmagic Camera Update Includes a Vital ISO Change



The updates are coming thick and fast for Blackmagic Design’s awesome Camera App for iPhone.

Today’s Blackmagic Camera 1.2.1 update adds additional support for flipping images both vertically and horizontally when using SLR lenses. This means when working with SLR lenses which invert and flip the image, your footage will now correctly display on your iPhone, making it easier to frame your shot.

But the big deal for me is the ISO change. The update allows the user to select the lowest supported ISO on the iPhone.

“But the big deal for me is the ISO change.”

This is important because in bright sun, without an ND filter or adjustable aperture , iPhone users must use a fast shutter speed to expose correctly. This means abandoning the 180 degree shutter rule which can lead to horrible motion results, especially for subjects like water.

So by selecting a far lower ISO, like 34 in the example pictured, we can get the shutter down to 1/250 at 50fps. This gets us much closer to our target of 1/100 at 50fps.

The update also improved handling of LUTS so when you import a duplicate LUT, Blackmagic Camera will ask you whether you want to save a copy or replace the LUT already on file.

There’s still more work to be done, but it’s extremely promising to see Blackmagic Design put so much work into this free app.

It truly makes the iPhone a pro camera in you carry in your pocket.

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