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Canon CJ17ex6.2B 4K BCTV lens



Canon CJ17ex6.2B 4K BCTV lensCanon CJ17ex6.2B 4K BCTV lens

Canon CJ17ex6.2B 4K BCTV lens

Canon Australia has launched the Canon CJ17ex6.2B 4K BCTV lens to help broadcasters on the upgrade path from High Definition to 4K.

Designed for 2/3” 4K cameras the CJ17ex6.2B has a large focal length range plus wide-angle and telephoto capabilities.

It’s the type of versatility broadcasters need in the field.

Canon says the CJ17ex6.2B minimises ghosting and flare for better High Dynamic Range (HDR) results and is compatible with chromatic aberration correction function of a broadcast camera that is based on the BT.2020 wide colour gamut (WCG).

The lens is built to suppress chromatic aberrations and fringing, resulting in better colour reproduction, edge-to-edge sharpness and contrast of the image.

Single Lens Solution

Changing a lens in the field could cost you the shot or expose your kit unnecessarily to the elements.

The CJ17ex6.2B has a wide-angle view at 6.2mm, along with its 17x zoom ratio, it provides a broad focal range of 6.2mm to 106mm, and 12.4mm to 212mm when using with the built-in 2x optical extender.

Ideal for on-shoulder or off-shoulder shooting the IRSE-S CJ17ex6.2B model weighs in at 2.07kg.


Featuring a 16-bit absolute value encoder, the CJ17ex6.2B supports the same high-performance digital drive unit seen in other UHDgc lenses and in Canon’s UHDxs series. This means the lens can power-on without initialisation so camera-side aberration correction and lens positional information detection are ready at start-up.

The IASE-S CJ17ex6.2B model supports three 20-pin connectors, enabling read out of high accuracy lens data while using the zoom and focus demands, a strong feature that supports compatibility with virtual production platforms.

Key Features of CJ17ex6.2B:

·         Wide angle of view at 6.2mm, along with a modest 17x zoom ratio providing a broad focal length range of 6.2mm to 106mm (12.4 – 212mm with built-in 2x optical extender)

·         Incredible image quality at 4K resolution

·         Lightweight and compact

·         Minimises ghosting and flare

·         Built-in 2x extender

The addition of the CJ17ex6.2B expands Canon’s 18-strong line-up of 4K broadcast lenses.

The Canon CJ17ex6.2B 4K broadcast lens will be available via authorised local dealers from June 2021, with pricing set at dealer discretion.

CJ17ex6.2B 4K UHDGC Tech Sheet-1.jpgCJ17ex6.2B 4K UHDGC Tech Sheet-1.jpg

CJ17ex6.2B 4K UHDGC Tech Sheet-2.jpgCJ17ex6.2B 4K UHDGC Tech Sheet-2.jpg

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