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CES 2022: Samsung Refines Neo QLED, Reworks Home Screen and more big MicroLED TVs



Samsung’s 2022 TV line-up offers advancements in picture and sound quality, more screen size options, customisable accessories and an upgraded interface.

After making a big splash with Mini LED TVs last year, Samsung has tweaked the hardware but made the real upgrades in software.

The 2022 Neo QLED range will include Shape Adaptive Light and AI Object Depth Enhancer technology to deliver even more precise colour and brightness.

“This year our 2022 Neo QLED TVs gets even better; Quantum Matrix technology, which controls the brightness level of each LED, now uses AI to control the shape of the light in real time enhancing the accuracy of all shapes on the screen,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics Australia

Still no Dolby Vision but there’s plenty more to get excited about – like 144 Hz PC gaming support.

Similar to Google TV a new Smart Hub puts content curation and discovery on the home screen. The Smart Hub’s sidebar also allows for quick transition between categories: Media, Game (Gaming Hub) and Ambient mode.

Other features include:

Gaming Hub: Players will have access to a library of games through Samsung’s partnerships with NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia and Utomik.

Watch Together: The new app allows users to video chat with friends and family while watching.

NFT Platform: This is a bit strange but when it’s hot, it’s hot. This application allows for discovering, purchasing and trading digital artwork through MicroLED, Neo QLED and The Frame.

Smart Calibration: Really keen to try this out. Using your smartphone you’ll be able to fine-tune picture quality. There are two modes: Basic mode is a 30 second process while professional mode takes about 10 minutes. If it works or gets close to a pro setup – I’ll be happy for consumers who can’t understand why they get a poor picture out-of-the-box.

Audio gets Object Tracking Sound, Q-Symphony 2.0 and Dolby Atmos.

“Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLEDs will also offer true Dolby Atmos directly out-of-the-box. We are proud to incorporate industry-leading Dolby Atmos technology for an enhanced three-dimensional sound experience. With multi-channel speakers now placed throughout the TV, Neo QLED delivers a dynamic sound experience that tracks the actions from all corners,” said Senior.

One of my favourite Samsung lifestyle models is ‘The Frame’ and it just received an upgrade.

A new Matte Display with anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint properties has been applied to The Frame, The Sero and The Serif.

“Continuing our existing offering in the lifestyle space, The Frame is also set to deliver a range of new, impressive features in 2022. Having sold over one million units globally since its release, The Frame can transform any space into an art gallery,” added Senior.

Local pricing and availability will be available closer to launch.

Will MicroLED become the leading tech behind future TVs? Find out in this Sky News report from Djuro Sen.

More MicroLED TVs

Seen as the eventual successor to OLED, MicroLED is a technology that Samsung is pushing hard to make work. This year at CES Samsung will display three different sizes – 110”, 101”, and 89”.

The challenge is to make the LEDs small and that’s why the TV dimensions are so large at this point. But they are making progress.

25 million LEDs individually produce light and colour without burn-in concerns.

The 2022 MicroLED models support 20-bit greyscale depth. Meaning .. fine control of images with over 1 million steps of brightness and colour levels, delivering a true HDR experience. It also expresses 100% of DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamut.

The screen-to-body ratio is a nice – 99.99%.

2022 Samsung MicroLED TV


Art Mode allows consumers to turn any room into an art gallery. The 2022 models come with two exclusive media pieces from noted artist and designer Refik Anadol.

Multi View lets users view content from four different sources simultaneously – from any or all of the four HDMI ports – in 4K/120fps.

Dolby Atmos top, side and bottom channel speakers for multi-dimensional sound.

But these TVs remain expensive – just like the figures quoted in the video report above. But if you’ve got a couple hundred thousand dollars to spare .. why not?

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