Conversation Bytes Podcast Returns



Following a successful pilot season, Conversation Bytes has returned … for good.

Conversation Bytes will continue to interview tech leaders in Australia (and overseas) every two weeks.

It’s a straight-talking video podcast hosted by award winning technology reviewer Djuro Sen.

You can listen or watch just make sure you subscribe.

In the week between shows we’ll publish a full transcript of the current chat.

Our show has a new look and all programs for now on – will be published in 4K.

Now .. let’s meet Chris Lau.

Chris is the Managing Director of LASER Corporation, an Australian IT and consumer electronics that sells direct to the public and retailers.

Chris has been at the helm for 15 years and in this interview he recalls the uncertainty of business in the pandemic and the unexpected surge in sales.

We investigate Chris’ leadership style, business and personal background.

LASER started in 1987, selling 5.25” floppy disks and storage cases out of a Surry Hills garage.

Now it’s one of Australia’s fastest growing consumer tech providers – you may not even know you are using their products.

So whether you’re watching or listening, we hope you enjoy our interview with Chris Lau.

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