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Cordless Pool Cleaning with PoolBot B150



As a user of a tethered robot pool cleaner, I was skeptical that a thousand dollar cordless version could do a comparable job. Man .. was I wrong. The PoolBot B150 from Robot My Life (I often say My Robot Life for some reason) is brilliant.

It’s a very simple device that doesn’t have an app, no external guidance, just goes off and does its thing underwater. The PoolBot B150 normally retails for $1450 but right now you can get it for $999. That’s a fantastic price considering how well it works. I’m very impressed that a robot at this price-point can clean way better than I can manually.

My other cable powered robot pool cleaner actually failed a few months ago. So the timing was perfect to try the PoolBot. Make sure you completely charge the robot before starting. This will ensure it will climb the walls of your pool. This is a big plus for the PoolBot B150. Cleaning the floors and walls well above the waterline is a must and it does it easily.

As you can see by the video in the Sky News Weekend Edition segment, it collects a large haul of leaves, sticks and fine debris in each pass. You’ll get a couple of hours cleaning done before you have to recharge for several more.

Glenn Yee, Managing Director of Robot My Life, has done a great job bringing affordable robots to the Australian market. Out of all of them, the PoolBot impresses me the most.

My pool was a bit of a mess thanks mostly to falling leaves and dirt. But after a few days it was back in top shape for summer swimming.

I’ll have a more in-depth review video before Christmas.

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