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D-Link DSR-250V2 Unified Services VPN Router: Perfect for small to medium business



For complete control over your small business network you need a reliable piece of hardware to oversee the incoming, outgoing and internal data in your workplace. The D-Link DSR-250V2 Unified Services VPN Router is designed to be just that for RRP A$599.95.

It features WAN failover, load balancing and an integrated firewall. the DSR-250V2 is a reliable, secure and flexible way to manage any network. The VPN offers various encryption methodologies, secure communications between mobile or remote employees, as well as branch to branch offices.

D-Link DSR-250V2 Management Interface

The DSR-250V2 has a built-in Captive Portal which enables employees or guest users to be easily authenticated and authorised by accessing customised landing pages. Examples include, guests arriving at a hotel or customers accessing the Internet from their local cafe. Crucially, the DSR-250V2 provides the option for automatic failover to a second or backup Internet link where available, providing piece of mind in the event the main Internet connectivity link fails. These are vital features for small to medium business.

D-Link DSR-250V2 Key Features:

• High performance VPN Router

• Configurable LAN/WAN Port

• Supports Dual WAN with Balancing and Failover

• Advanced Routing and Firewall features

• IPsec, PPTP/L2TP, GRE, SSL, OpenVPN supported

• IGMP Snooping

• Application Filtering

• Static Web Content Filtering

• Dynamic Web Content Filtering (requires an optional subscription)

• Full-featured Bandwidth Management

D-Link DSR-250V2 Unified Services VPN Router rear view

The DSR-250V2 also offers valuable Web Content Filtering features, allowing business owners or administrators to monitor, manage and control users Web and application usage. Static Web Content Filtering helps to remove malicious objects such as Java applets, ActiveX and cookies or to block URLs down to the keyword level. Dynamic Web Content Filtering, which requires an optional licence subscription, allows administrators to filter content from a list of categories and multiple global index servers, with millions of URLs and real-time website data providing even more granular control over the content and applications allowed into the business network.

It has a high-performance firewall with up to 950Mbps throughput and VPN (3DES) performance up to 200Mbps throughput, whilst supporting up to 75 simultaneous VPN tunnels, allowing more devices to be connected, and faster.

The DSR-250V2 VPN Router also sports other advanced functions including Quality of Service (QoS) control, Access Control, Bandwidth Priority and Application Control which can restrict or give priority to predefined applications to effectively manage network utilisation. Also, by using packet inspection and a database of application signatures based on the application’s network usage patterns, the DSR-250V2 gives complete control over the content that is delivered through the network.

Availability and Pricing

The new DSR-250V2 Unified Services VPN Router for small to medium businesses is available now from (RRP AU$599.95), (RRP NZ$749.99) and from all D-Link certified partners and 

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Cable Frustration! Making Sense of USB-C



The introduction of USB-C was to supposed to make our lives easier, but for most of us, it’s more confusing than ever, especially when it comes to cables.  Make no mistake .. USB-C is the way forward, with its superior speed, power and reversible plug design. Goes in first time, every time. It’s just frustrating that its specs are mostly a mystery when you pull out a cable from your drawer or laptop bag.

Belkin’s latest cables are clearly marked

And that comes down to the lack of labelling on cables. So if you want to avoid confusion, just get the best cables you can buy, as they will not only perform well when it comes to power and data, they will also come with the version printed on the plug.

When it comes to USB-C (which is the shape of the connector) it’s the protocol or specs that go through the cable that matter. For example, USB 3.0 indicates the capabilities, the speed and power etc, while the ‘C’ means the connector shape.

Choose your USB-C cables wisely

Even the USB-IF (USB USB Implementers Forum) recognises the naming issue on its website:

“USB-IF emphasises the importance and value of consistent messaging on USB product packaging, marketing materials, and advertising. Inconsistent use of terminology creates confusion in the marketplace, can be misleading to consumers, and potentially diminishes USB-IF’s trademark rights.

USB-IF strongly discourages its members and the industry at-large from using specification names/terminology in consumer-facing branding, packaging, advertisements, and other marketing materials.”


USB4 marked cables are a good choice

So the best thing to do is get a cable like the ones I show in the video above. A USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 or USB4. They will do pretty much everything you need. Yes, it may be overkill for most uses – like charging a phone – but for now, they should the only cables you’ll need.

USB-C is far superior to USB-A

One thing you should move on from is – USB-A to USB-C. You’ll never get the performance you can can get from USB-C to USB-C.

Thunderbolt 5 is coming on USB-C cables

More cables are coming with labels so my advice is to update as soon as you can. Fortunately, the industry knows it needs to do better when it comes to labelling and explaining the products.  So cable buying should be a lot clearer.

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Good Looks and Good Performance: D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Mesh Wi-Fi



Let’s face it. A lot of Wi-Fi routers are pretty ugly and I think that’s a problem for anyone wanting to style their home in a pleasing way. Sure, you can hide them away, but you do risk degrading wireless performance.

Enter D-Link and its AQUILA PRO AI M30 Wi-Fi Mesh System.

It has an eagle-inspired (Aquila) form and a unique feather-patterned ventilation design. So the looks also have a practical purpose. As I said on Sky News Weekend Edition (watch above) I thought it was a stingray. But whatever it is, it is a pleasing break from a black box.

It has an eagle-inspired (Aquila) form and a unique feather-patterned ventilation design

Powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology, the AQUILA PRO AI M30 delivers speeds of up to 3Gbps, supporting 160MHz bandwidth, along with a Gigabit Internet WAN port and four Gigabit LAN ports supporting wired devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and PCs.

I love this.

Many Mesh Wi-Fi routers in this price range don’t have ports in the satellite units but the M30 does. In fact, in the two or three units per pack, are all the same. During the setup process with the App you can decide which one is the main hub.

Gigabit Internet WAN port and four Gigabit LAN ports

Although Wi-Fi 7 units are making their way to market, AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Systems like this one from D-Link are more than enough to handle the demands of most home wireless setups.

2-Pack M30 Wi-Fi- Mesh System covers a home up to 465 square metres

A special antenna array designed to extend a stronger Wi-Fi signal, boosts spherical coverage and eliminates dead zones. Great for multi-storey homes. The 2-Pack M30 Wi-Fi- Mesh System covers a home up to 465 square metres, whilst the 3-Pack M30 Wi-Fi Mesh System covers up to 650 square metres.

Unique feather-patterned ventilation design

The AI Wi-Fi Optimiser selects the optimal channel for each connected device, minimising interference, whilst the AI Mesh Optimiser provides fast and reliable network coverage using auto path selection and self-healing capabilities. AI Traffic Optimiser guarantees uninterrupted 4K/8K video streaming and video calling with AI-based QoS technology.

The M30 complies with the latest WPA3 encryption and IEC 62443-4-1 standards to keep unwanted people out of your network. It also offers parental controls and separate guest networks.

Breaks the boring black box tech look in home technology

The App is clean and simple. The AI Assistant monitors network performance and provides weekly reports, even when you are away from home. You can dig down to control who and what gets access to the Internet.

Availability and Price

The AQUILA PRO AI M30 Wi-Fi Mesh Systems are available in Australia and NZ.

From as either a 2-Pack (A$399.95) or 3-Pack (A$549.95).

In New Zealand (2-Pack RRP NZD$499.99 or 3-Pack NZD$649.99) and from all authorised D-Link partners and retailers in both countries.

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