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David Wolf and Closer Win Inaugural IM Tech Comms Award



It takes a big team to bring the latest tech reviews your way so Image Matrix Tech is pleased to announce that CLOSER COMMUNICATIONS is the first winner of our new monthly COMMS AWARD – BEST AGENCY NOV 2023.

David Wolf, co-owner and director of Closer Communications gets our TOP OPERATOR AWARD for delivering product without delay for our weekly Sky News Weekend Edition segment. As a result, our coverage of Laser’s Navig8r 7” Portable Wireless Touchscreen was a massive success.

It resulted in huge public interest, a 200% increase in web traffic and huge demand in store. Massive win all around, especially for consumers.

This is not a one-off event. David and co-owner and director Rebecca Blasina ALWAYS deliver whenever I need to get product, info or talent at short notice.

Congratulations team Closer.


The in-house comms teams are often less visible but they are the people that can really make-or-break your story.

So it’s with great pleasure I announce Laura Hunter, Manager – PR and External Communications, Canon Australia as our first winner of the COMMS AWARD – BEST IN-HOUSE NOV 2023.

That’s Laura in the photo adjacent – chatting with me at the This Time it’s Personal exhibition at SUNSTUDIOS in Sydney.

Laura is a delight to work with and moved incredibly fast to get very expensive camera gear in my hands the same day as the Super Blood Moon which you can see here. This was an insane turnaround! Special mention to the Hill + Knowlton Strategies Australia team for making this happen.

In November, Laura shuffled around more of this gear so I could continue working on several long term video projects. We also covered some events that were just special celebrations of photography.

Quite simply, Laura gets it.

So thanks Laura and David for your efforts, not only last month, but in the years prior.

I wish I could do this every week!


The process of creating great review videos can’t happen without the help of competent, energetic, sharp media relations comms people. They send out the info, supply the product and help answer our technical questions so we can better inform the public.

PR/Comms people are often easy targets for whingeing journos on social platforms.

I want to change that.

So that’s why on the first day of every month, I’ll be acknowledging the best comms people and agencies I deal with for my tech coverage from the previous month.

Yes, there are bad ones but they’ll never get a mention in these awards.

It’s all about being positive.

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