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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Wing Aviation – Drone delivery is the real deal watch Delivering the Goods now.



Drone deliveries have been happening in Australia for several years. But if you don’t live in the two test areas where it’s running, you may not know how successful it has been.

Join me as I take you behind the scenes of Wing Aviation in Canberra. This is the first time Wing has allowed an outsider to roam with a camera to record the drone delivery process.

The operation is very slick and much busier that I had expected. I pushed to shoot as much as I could and they were pretty good about it. I spent A day and a bit in Canberra so it was a race to get everything done but hopefully you’ll get good idea of what it takes to delivery by drone.

Full disclosure. Wing sponsored this video and that’s great. But it’s my video and I had total editorial control. Plus as a pilot and lover of all things aviation, getting access to Wing was too good an opportunity to pass up.

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