FIRST LOOK: Bankwest offers Australia’s first tap-and-go ring

At last! A bank has got it right in Australia.

Bankwest customers can now tap and go using the Halo Payment Ring.

A tap-and-go wearable that actually makes sense.

The ring links to a customer’s Bankwest transaction account working just like a contactless payment card.

It also offers around-the-clock fraud protection so you’re covered if you report it lost.

The ring is energised by the terminal upon presentation ..  so it doesn’t need charging like smartwatches and phones. It’s also waterproof to 50 metres.

The Bankwest Bankwest Halo will be available to customers for $39 – some getting in early will get theirs for $29.

The ring comes in two colours – individual sizes and is non-transferable.

Last year Bankwest trialled a choice of wearable devices and the feedback led to the release of the payment ring.

Check out the video above or click here to see more from Bankwest


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