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Flagship Foldable: OPPO Find N3 Hands-On



My hands-on experience with the OPPO Find N3 is so good, I’m actually considering using it as my daily driver. I’ve used foldables as my secondary device for some time, especially flip models but they’ve always been the backup handset.

Djuro Sen testing the OPPO Find N3 in Singapore

The main reason for the change of heart is the flagship quality camera array in the Find N3. OPPO has made a foldable that doesn’t compromise on photography. I want my main phone to be a kick-ass portable camera too. That’s why the iPhone Pro Max, S23 Ultra and Pixel 8 Pro are at the top of my list normally. But the Find N3 is different. It’s the first foldable with a camera array that comes close to matching a traditional flagship design. It’s not perfect but nothing is.

It competes very well against the Samsung S23 Ultra but absolutely destroys the camera setup on the Fold 5.


48MP Main Camera: f/1.7; 24mm; 7P lens; AF supported; closed-loop focus motor; OIS supported
64MP 3x Telephoto Camera: f/2.6; 70mm; 4P lens; AF supported; closed-loop focus motor; OIS supported
16MP 6x Telephoto Camera (in-sensor zoom): f/2.6; 145mm; 4P lens; AF supported; closed-loop focus motor; OIS supported
48MP Ultra-wide Angle Camera: f/2.2; FOV 114°; 6P lens; AF supported; 3.5cm Macro supported


20MP Main screen: f/2.2; FOV 91°; 4P lens
32MP Cover screen: f/2.4; FOV 88.5°; 5P lens

Compare that to the Fold 5 rear camera setup:

50.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 10.0 MP | F1.8 , F2.2 , F2.4 | Optical Zoom at 3x , Digital Zoom up to 30x.

Although megapixels aren’t everything the difference here is staggering. But there are some spec positives for Samsung. The Fold 5 does 8K video at 30fps while OPPO’s Find N3 tops out at 4K 60fps. The point here is that OPPO has made a foldable that’s not a gimmick. If you’re a power user, you also get the best cameras.

Check out the 4K time lapse I shot from the 51st floor of my hotel room in Singapore.

OPPO Find N3 4K time lapse

Despite a massive circular camera bump, OPPO has pulled off a sleek design for the Find N3. The test unit I have is the ‘champagne gold’ version but in Australia only the ‘classic black’ version will be sold for A$2699 in November.

It feels great in the hand and the display is bright. The seam is almost invisible when active. And I’m not kidding. Once you start using the N3, you quickly forget about the shortcomings that usually come with foldables.


2240 x 2268
426 PPI
1440Hz PWM dimming
1-120Hz refresh rate
Dolby Vision
1400 nits (HBM)
2800 nits (peak)

The front screen is also a compelling reason to opt for the N3 over other devices. The display has a 20:9 aspect ratio. This means the N3 behaves and looks like a normal, high end phone when closed.

The N3 is a stand as well

I’ll have a full review coming your way soon with sample shots available for download.

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