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Fujifilm Responds as the X100VI sells “Like Hotcakes”



It was expected to sell well but even Fujifilm would be doing backflips over the interest in its long awaited X100VI.

Everywhere I look there’s a notice like, “AWAITING STOCK” on camera websites. Another said, “our next round of pre-orders has been pushed back from mid-March to mid-April.”

So if you didn’t preorder you’ve got next to no chance of snapping one up. As I said on Sky News with Tim Gilbert in the video above, “going like hotcakes.”

So what’s happening? I reached out to Fujifilm and this is the company’s response.

Statement from Fujifilm:

“Since its announcement on February 20, 2024, reception for X100VI has far exceeded
any expectations and created unprecedented global demand. We are truly grateful and
honoured that Fujifilm cameras and systems have become the brand of choice for many
content creators.

Building off of the wildly popular success of its predecessor X100V, we have estimated the demand to be as twice as high for the X100VI and planned the production accordingly.

However, even with our advanced production planning and increased capacity, the orders we have already received (in markets where pre-orders are available) have led to a waiting list of backorders in those markets.

We are working to accelerate production to meet the additional demand, however, it will take a few months before we can start to fill backorders. We appreciate our community’s support and patience regarding this matter.”

So Fujifilm planned for double the sales of the X100V and yet that wasn’t enough to meet initial demand for the X100VI. That’s a good problem to have you would think.

But why is there so much interest in the X100VI?

First, it’s a beautiful camera body. Compact cameras with dials and switches take us back to the street photography film days. It’s the perfect size that tells people, you mean business behind the lens.

Here’s a quick list of key points that make the X100VI so good:

  • 20 digital Film Simulations for stunning results straight out of camera
  • NEW TO X100 VI is 40.2MP BSI XTRANSTM CMOS 5 HR for accurate & reliable image
    quality (previously 26.1MP so almost double)
  • NEW TO X100 VI is the X Processor 5 for precision & speed
  • NEW TO X100 VI is AI subject detect AF with eye tracking for capturing moving subjects
  • NEW TO X100 VI is 6.2K/30P, 4K/60P video recording to extend your creative vision
  • NEW TO X100 6 stops IBIS for stable hand-held shooting
  • Stress free connection and sharing with smartphones & transfer of images to NEW Fujifilm
    X App &
  • Available in 2 colours; Black and Silver

Image Matrix Tech will have more coverage of the Fujifilm X100VI over coming days.

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