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Get Ready! Samsung QD-OLED S95D is Coming Monday



The S95D, Samsung’s 2024 flagship QD-OLED, will be available to buy in Australia from Monday, March 18. Availability and price for other 2024 models will be released in the coming weeks.

The S95D comes in three sizes – 55, 65 and 77-inches.

The big selling point this year is the new OLED Anti-Glare technology – specifically designed for the S95D. It helps to preserve colour accuracy while reducing reflections. The OLED-optimised, low-reflection coating helps to overcome the trade-off between gloss and reflection thanks to a new, specialised hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern.

The Samsung S95D OLED has been verified as ‘Glare Free’ by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a leading independent safety science company.

“Our insights show that Anti-Glare technology is a top priority for consumers when purchasing a TV, and at Samsung, we’re proud to play a part in redefining the landscape by bringing this world-first feature to our OLED range,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“With many Australians’ living in bright or light-filled rooms, this new technology helps to ensure Australians can enjoy a low interruption viewing experience, regardless of their TV preference”

I thought the S95C handled reflection really well as you can see in the review below.


No matter how good the coating there’s always some trade-off when it comes to reflections and picture quality. QD-OLED has the power to punch through with colour and vibrancy but it may take a hit in the darker areas. I’ll know for sure when I get in front of a panel soon.

All I know is, the 2023 S95C model, is a brilliant TV so any improvement to the picture quality would be icing on the top.

There’s a couple of versions OLED these days so it’s important for consumers to know which technology you are buying because QD-OLED and WOLED are not the same.

QD-OLED is pretty new still but it is the most impressive. And that’s what you get with the S95D which is powered by the-NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor. With over 8 million self-illuminating pixels comprising three subpixels (Quantum Dot red and green, and OLED blue). Unlike WOLED, there are no white subpixels.

I explained QD-OLED in the video below in 2022.


The S95D also includes Motion Rate 200 which helps minimise blur and judder from fast moving scenes. For gamers the panel’s 4K 144Hz VRR makes for silky smooth action.

Design-wise the S95D is 11.2mm in depth and virtually bezel-free.

Audio-wise the S95D featurings True Dolby ATMOS for cinematic sound and Object Tracking Sound.

Price and Availability:

The S95D is available from all major retailers and from Monday 18 March.

·       77-inches: $7,999.00

·       65-inches: $4,999.00

·       55-inches: $3,999.00

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