Take a first look at GoPro Hero 11 Black on Sydney Harbour as I test out the new 8:7 sensor and 10-bit upgrade. This really feels like a ‘pro’ action cam now that we have 10-bit recording and a sensor that supports multiple aspect ratios without sacrificing resolution. The new night effects are absolutely brilliant.

This camera is so much fun and despite the ‘pro’ name I’ve assigned to it, the Hero 11 Black has a simple menu option that make it easy for anyone to use. Let us know what you think about the GoPro Hero 11 Black and the Mini.


●      Emmy Award®-winning HyperSmooth 5.0 technology with in-camera 360-degree Horizon Lock to keep your footage steady even if your camera rotates a full 360 degrees during capture.

●      New hyper-immersive HyperView digital lens delivers the widest angle 16:9 shot ever produced natively in a HERO camera. It’s for high-action point-of-view capture. Plus, GoPro’s signature SuperView is now available in 5.3K60 and 4K120.

●      Three new Night Effect Time Lapse presets that make capturing pro-quality Star Trails, Light Painting and Vehicle Light Trails easy.

●      TimeWarp 3.0 now captures at 5.3K, an impressive 91% leap in resolution from 4K, and an incredible 665% more than 1080p.

●      Simpler camera control with Easy and Pro modes. Easy Controls make it easier than ever to record in the best setting for any situation, while Pro Controls unlock every aspect of your HERO11 camera for maximum creative control.

●      Enduro Battery dramatically improves camera performance in cold and moderate temperatures, extending recording times up to 38% in HERO11 Black. Enduro comes in-box with HERO11 Black and HERO11 Black Creator Edition and as a built-in Enduro battery in HERO11 Black Mini.

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