GoPro Price Drop – pre-pandemic prices

HERO11 BLACK NOW A$649.95 – SAVE $150

GoPro has cut prices for HERO11 Black Mini, HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black pre-pandemic prices. GoPro retailers and are selling the flagship HERO11 Black for A$649.95, HERO11 Black Mini is A$499.95, HERO10 Black is A$549.95 and HERO9 Black for A$429.95. The HERO11 Black Creator Edition is now $949.95. The 360 dual-lens MAX remains at A$799.95.

Consumers will no longer be offered camera discounts when they become GoPro subscribers at the time of purchase. Existing GoPro Subscribers will still be able to purchase future GoPro cameras at a discount as a part of their existing GoPro subscription benefits.

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“Pandemic-related challenges forced us to raise prices, but now those pressures have eased and we’re stoked to make the insane performance of today’s GoPro more accessible for everyone,” said GoPro CEO and Founder Nicholas Woodman.

GoPro subscription will come in at A$34.99 when you first join, then A$69 upon annual renewal.

“With more than 2.36 million subscribers, the GoPro Subscription has proven to be a must-have solution for GoPro owners who want the convenience of a GoPro camera that auto-uploads footage to the cloud and then clears your SD card for you, sends automatic highlight videos to your phone and has full access to the powerful and fun editing tools in the GoPro Quik app,” added Woodman.

“Throw in discounts at and no-questions-asked camera replacement, and you can see why the GoPro Subscription has grown so quickly.”

So what do you get as a GoPro subscriber?

  • Unlimited cloud storage of your GoPro footage at source quality and resolution
  • Automatic footage upload to the cloud from your GoPro camera while it’s charging
  • Automatic clearing of your camera’s SD card once upload is complete
  • Automatic highlight videos sent to your phone
  • Premium manual and automatic editing tools in the GoPro Quik app
  • Up to 50% off on mounts, accessories and lifestyle gear at
  • $100 discount off your next GoPro, available at your first annual renewal
  • Guaranteed damaged camera replacement
  • Live streaming via


GoPro Subscribers will receive double the cash payout from GoPro Awards if their photo or video is used on GoPro’s global social handles. The Double the Dollars GoPro Awards campaign, which will run from June 1 to Oct. 1, will reward selected subscribers with USD$500 for a featured photo and USD$1,000 for a video, up from USD$250 and USD$500 respectively for non-subscribers. Customers can submit to multiple, always-on Award Challenges via the Quik app or at A new GoPro Awards summertime challenge will also kick off on June 1.

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