Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Sony LinkBuds

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Jaynie Seal) we looked at Sony’s strange-looking wireless earbuds – LinkBuds.

Sony’s unique ring design with audio transparency links online and offline worlds for a “Never Off” wearing experience. LinkBuds are also integrated with Microsoft Soundscape allowing the vision impaired to receive audio guidance – hands free.

LinkBuds will be available in Australia from April 2022 for $299.95.


The effectiveness of fitness trackers and smartwatches is now undeniable. Survey after survey has reported an increase in fitness activity for most users after wearing a smartwatch/tracker.

The most recent AIA Australia Health Insurance data – shows that members with Apple Watches increased their physical activity by 35 per cent on average, and up to a whopping 51 per cent for those 50 years older.

Apple Watch is the best all rounder but others like Fitbit have longer battery life. It’s a strong indication that the next gift for your parents or grandparents should be a fitness watch.


If you are doing home renovations it might be time to update your extension cord for those long power runs. New extension leads are packed full of safety features and that prevent accidental electrocution.

In Australia, residual current devices RCD have been mandatory on power circuits since 1991 and on light circuits since 2000. According to the National Coronial Information System, there are approximately 20 deaths in Australia every year from electrocution, with more than half occurring in the home. 

I’ve been shocked 3-times by 240 volts. It’s not nice! The latest extension cords or power centres like the example I show from HPM have shock protection built in, ideal for home workshops and tradies. They also have USB power.

Unless you know the wiring of the house or location – these are important to have in your in-house took-kit.

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