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Hubbl Launches March 10



Hubbl, the biggest attempt to change the way we view TV in Australia for many years, will officially go on sale on Sunday March 10, 2024.


Hubbl Interface

Hubbl, a Foxtel venture, is essentially an entertainment operating system (on a plug-in device or Hubbl Glass TV) that aggregates local and global content including premium entertainment and sports, video on demand (VOD), live channels and the internet into a simplified user interface. 

Hubbl itself, does not require a subscription.

From March 10 consumers will be able to purchase Hubbl Glass for A$1,595 for the 55 inch screen or A$1,995 for the 65 inch model. If you use your own TV, the plug-in device (Hubbl) will cost you A$99. Hubbl products will be sold through Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi retail stores nationally and via

Also from March 10, Hubbl will unveil a national advertising campaign starring brand
ambassadors Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. The multi-channel media campaign will feature
major placements across OOH, TV and digital aiming to educate Australians about the benefits
of Hubbl in solving the current challenges with streaming.

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Vodafone Offers 6 Months of BINGE Access with Hubbl



Vodafone has partnered with streaming aggregator Hubbl to provide a streaming device and six months access to BINGE.

It’s the first Australian telco to make Hubbl available to its customers.  (Read more about Hubbl here)

“By connecting our customers to a premium entertainment experience with Vodafone’s great value broadband, we are setting a new standard for what Australians can expect from their home entertainment setup,” said Kieren Cooney, Vodafone Group Executive, Consumer.

To celebrate the launch of Hubbl with Vodafone, customers will receive six months of BINGE Standard included on NBN and Home Internet plans. This happens when they include the Hubbl device to their plan at $4.12 month over 24 months which is $99 in total. 

Vodafone is also offering three months of BINGE Standard to all new and upgrading postpaid mobile customers. 

“Hubbl is a unique product that simplifies the TV and streaming experience, so you spend less time searching for something to watch and more time enjoying the content you love. We’re excited to partner with Vodafone to get customers Hubbl’n through this special deal,” said Dani Simpson, Executive Director, Hubbl. 

“With 16 paid and free apps available on Hubbl and more to come, there is nothing like the world of entertainment Hubbl unlocks.” 

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Hubbl Now on Sale: So Far So Good



Hubbl is officially on sale across the country. It’s been called a gamer-changer for the industry. But is it really?

It’s early days but so far so good. I’ve been testing the Hubbl device which is $99 and connects to your TV via HDMI. The idea of Hubbl is to bring all channels, free to air and streaming together, in one, easy aggregated service. 

TV aggregation service Hubbl is now available

The service itself is free, you’re only paying for the hardware and any subscriptions you have or are planning to sign up to.

I not only tested the Hubbl plug-in device, I also tested a 55-inch Hubbl Glass. It’s a 4K TV with Hubbl baked in. As I said on Sky News Weekend Edition above, Hubbl Glass is heavy. But the reason it is heavy is because there is a soundbar built into the frame.

Finding content on your TV has never been easier

I have the black unit but it comes in five colours. The price is A$1,595 for the 55 inch screen – A$1,995 for the 65 inch model.


Hubbl is plugged into a 75-inch Samsung 8K QLED TV

Hubbl looks very similar to an Apple TV device. Just plug in the power, connect the HDMI cable (supplied) and away you go. In my situation Hubbl is plugged into a 75-inch Samsung 8K QLED TV. No soundbar but you can control a sound system via the remote if needed and the TV too. I am using the Hubbl remote to control the TV.

Remote control for Hubbl

The remote feels good in the hand, is backlit when used and Hubbl can ping it when lost. I would have liked the volume buttons to be larger and a dedicated channel selector but I can live with it.

Watch us live on Flash 7:15am every Sunday

You need to create a Hubbl account to get going. You do this through I already had a streamotion account so it was just a matter of registering the device.

All free-to-air channel apps are available on Hubbl

Once signed in I was able to access my Foxtel related apps immediately, and while the full array of channels and apps populated my menu, I had to sign in to each of them. Which is what you do on any smart TV anyway.

Hubbl’s interface is excellent and will improve over time

But once you finish setting up, Hubbl is excellent. I found the interface pretty responsive, including the voice search. I experienced the occasional bug during the soft launch period but nothing I was concerned or annoyed about.

You can use an antenna input for free-to-air channels or their internet versions

The great thing about Hubbl is finding content you love but don’t know where to start. I asked my wife to try it out and she was blown away by a voice search that found an obscure series she started watching on a recent plane trip. Hubbl instantly identified the right series that was split up between Binge and Channel 7. It was able to show them in order even though the series continuity was broken up over different networks. Pretty powerful stuff.

So for $99 the Hubbl device is worth taking a punt in my opinion.


Hubbl Glass comes in two boxes, the smaller one is the stand

If you don’t want the hassle of plugging anything in, aside from a power cable, then Hubbl Glass is for you. Two TV models make up Hubbl Glass. A 4K QLED 55-inch ($1,595) and 65-inch ($1,995) each available in five colours.

Hubbl Glass is heavy due to the built in soundbar

They come in two boxes but are straight forward to put together. As I wrote earlier, the TVs are heavy for a reason, they have a soundbar built in. 

Having all TV stations and streamers in one TV guide is outstanding

Hubbl is part of the TV’s operating system. Having all the live channels in the menu with the streaming channels is excellent. Remember, Hubbl the service is free but it can save you money if you have the right apps.

You can reduce your monthly costs by paying for some streaming apps through Hubbl

The picture quality is good picture for the price. It’s no OLED but it will do the job for most people.

Searching across apps is much better than anything I’ve used before and voice is the killer feature. In fact the TV has a microphone built in so you can launch a search query by just saying, “OK Hubbl” followed by the show or subject.

Sport is easy to find whether its on Kayo or Stan (coming soon)

It’s important to note that the TV is a normal TV too. You can plug in an antenna and other devices, like a gaming console.

Hubbl device like the Hubbl TV includes a socket for a free-to-air antenna

The TV has nice ambient mode too, and knows when you’re in the room.

There’s so much more to cover about Hubbl but that will take time. So I’ll be coming back to you in a couple of weeks with a comprehensive review and roundup as more services are added to the service.

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Hubbl TV Pricing and Retail Partners Announced



We now know what the Hubbl device and TVs will cost after tonight’s launch in Sydney.

Hubbl Glass will start at A$1,595 for the 55 inch screen, rising to A$1,995 for the 65 inch model. If you use your own TV, the plug-in device will cost you A$99. Hubbl products will be sold through Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi retail stores nationally and via

Hubbl Glass comes in five colours

“Hubbl is a unique product that simplifies the TV and streaming experience so you can spend less time searching for something to watch and more time enjoying the content you love,” said Dani Simpson, Executive Director of Hubbl.

“We’re proud to partner with leading retailers Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi to help us reach customers in-store right across the country in addition to having our own digital shopfront at” 


Hubbl Interface

Hubbl is essentially an entertainment operating system that aggregates local and global content including premium entertainment and sports, video on demand (VOD), live channels and the internet into a simplified user interface. 

Hubbl itself, does not require a subscription.

“Hubbl stands out from the pack by offering live TV without an aerial, seamless subscription management at the touch of a button, more discoverability and personalisation as well as allowing customers to stack up to five eligible streaming apps and save up to $15 per month on their subscriptions,” said Les Wigan, Managing Director of Hubbl.

“With the major free and paid apps available on Hubbl and more to come, there is nothing like the world of entertainment it unlocks.” 

Hubbl is available as a small device (think Apple TV) that plugs into any compatible TV. But the interesting part of this Foxtel operation is baking Hubbl into new TVs – Hubbl Glass.

The 55″ and 65″ panels are 4K Ultra HD | Quantum Dot Displays | hands-free voice control | six powerful speakers built-in for 360° Dolby Atmos surround sound. They come in five colours (Anthracite Black, Ocean Blue, Racing Green, Dusky Pink and Ceramic White).

The universal remote also comes equipped with select app buttons at the top to navigate straight to Kayo Sports, BINGE and Netflix as well as a Watchlist (+) button to seamlessly add content you want to watch later to your own personalised profile.

These are essentially Internet TVs.

On-sale date for Hubbl will be announced soon.


Screen type 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot with Dual Brightness enhancement film

TV model 55” – LT055A-04-FXTL

65” – LT065A-04-FXTL

Screen Resolution 4K Ultra HD

Screen Size (Inches) 55, 65

Resolution (Pixels) 3840 x 2160

Colour Over 1 billion colours

Refresh Rate (Hz) 60Hz

Dimmable zones 55”: 78 – 65”: 112

Brightness control Ambient light sensor with IR filtering

Motion rate 60Hz No Motion Smoothing

HDR mode Dolby Vision®, HDR 10, HLG

Backlighting type Direct-lit

Local Dimming Supported

4K streaming compatible Yes

Upscaling Up to 4K Ultra HD

Picture Modes Auto / Vivid / Entertainment / Sport / Movie / Music / Custom


Speaker Configuration 3 x outwards-firing | 1 x central subwoofer | 2 x upwards-firing

Speakers Dolby 3.1.2 output

Audio Format Dolby Atmos MS12 AC4, Dolby Digital



Digital Audio Output No optical support

Sound Output Up to 215 W


TV Tuner(s) 1 port –DVB-T/T2 (Belling-Lee connector) Frequency range 174-870MHz

Captioning Support Yes


Smart TV Yes

Smart OS Entertainment OS

Streaming apps Please see supported apps at

HbbTV Not Supported

Web Browser Not Supported

Motion control Glance Motion Technology (wake from standby)

Auto standby (if no motion)

Voice Control Far-field voice detection

Remote Control

Parental Controls Supported

EPG (program guide) Yes


CPU Quad core ARM A55 @ 2GHz

Flash 32GB (iNand, 1h review buffer)



Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

Bluetooth 5.1 LE and Classic

Smart home ecosystem N/A


HDMI inputs 3 ports 2.1 (HDCP 2.2) eARC (on 1 port) & CEC

USB Ports USB C -1 port -up to 15W output

Ethernet / LAN ports 1x 10/100Mbps


Component inputs No

Wall Mountable Yes

VESA Wall Mount Type 300mm x 200mm

Energy star rating 55” – 6 Star

65” – 7 Star

Estimated yearly electricity use


55” – Less than 240kWh

65” – Less than 240kWh

Energy Usage SDR: 55” 72W / 65” 81W

HDR: 55” 109W / 65” 160W

Standby Energy Usage Motion/network disabled: 0.5W

Motion/network enabled: 2.5W

Power Supply Internal AC 230V 50Hz 150W

USB Playback No

Device Buttons on Device Power button, Mic mute button

Colours Ocean Blue • Dusky Pink • Racing Green

Ceramic White • Anthracite Black

Material Anodised Aluminium

Ideal viewing distance 55” – 2.3m

65” – 2.7m


Cables included AC Power Cord

Model No: ACC- 000175-00

Remote Control(s) LC203-01-FXTL

Stand Yes

Set Up Guide Yes

End User License Agreement Yes

Warranty Information Yes

Safety Sheet Yes

Wall Mount Instructions Yes


Product Height with Stand (cm) 55” – 78.89cm

65” – 91.20cm

Product Height without

Stand (cm)

55” – 78.06cm

65” – 90.37cm

Product Width with Stand (cm) 55” – 123.09cm

65” – 144.98cm

Product Width without

Stand (cm)

55” – 123.09cm

65” – 144.98cm

Product Depth with Stand (cm) 55” – 24.8cm

65” – 28.8cm

Product Depth without

Stand (cm)

55” – 4.77cm

65” – 4.77cm

Product Weight with Stand (kg) 55” – 28kg

65” – 35kg

Product Weight without

Stand (kg)

55” – 23kg

65” – 28kg

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