Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: 2022 LG TV range

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we went through the key improvements in LG’s 2022 TV range. It can be overwhelming for a consumer when it comes to buying a new television so we offer some tips.

LG has 42 new models on offer ranging between $1K to $60 AUD. You can make big savings by opting for a 2021 model so we make some suggestions.


Does a phone camera with more megapixels mean a better selfie? The answer is YES and NO. The Motorola Edge 30 Pro has a 60MP front facing camera and three cameras on the back including two 50MP sensors. I saw it listed with a massive price drop – $999 to $799 AUD but after this segment it went back up again. Sorry .. had to be quick!

If you want big, sharp selfies this is phone for you, especially for group shots. I did a comparison with the iPhone – side-by-side. It also shoots pretty good 8K video for a smartphone.


PTZ (PAN-TILT-ZOOM) cameras are big in security and broadcast but often cost thousands of dollars. The Canon PowerShot PICK changes all that by coming in at $629 AUD (JUST FOUND IT FOR $569). It’s also a feature rich selfie camera. So whether it’s shooting a cooking demo, vlogging or chatting with family group, the PICK will follow each move you make around the room. PICK automatically records FHD 60P video and 11.7MP still images. It does a lot for such a small unit that fits in your hand.

It takes voice commands for hands-free control and can be used while walking – thanks to its image stabiliser which also keeps the subject in centre of frame. The PowerShot PICK can also double as a webcam. It’s also super cute. It beeps like a robot from Star Wars.

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