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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: 5G Telstra V Optus



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we covered the Australian telcos going to war over 5G.

In the wake of the Apple iPhone 12launch Telstra and Optus have made some big speed and coverage claims.

So which one is ahead of the game in 5G?

We also look at the key camera improvements in the iPhone 12 – especially the 12 Pro Max.

We take the Google Pixel 5 for a night run at Maroubra Beach – with amazing results.

The Samsung Fold 2 makes a good case as an all rounder too with some long exposure test shots.

And we test out Audiofly’s (Good Aussie business based in Perth) new in-ear headphones – at less than $200 – they are a great buy.

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Back to School Phone Options: Advice for Parents



As the school year begins across the country, many parents are deciding whether their children should have a mobile phone. The decision is further complicated by schools cracking down on phones nationwide.

So my advice?

Don’t hand down your old Android phone because security updates might be a problem. Unless it’s very new. Get the latest model possible but don’t spend too much. Let’s face it .. kids won’t be able to use them as much due to the school bans.

On the iPhone side – get a refurbished model that is supported by iOS 17. The iPhone 8 and X are getting too old.

Here are some affordable options I’ve compiled for you but you need to act fast as most are on special.

Nokia 2660 Flip

Nokia 2660 Flip is HMD’s retro design with modern insides. Its long battery life and basic operation, makes it ideal for the youngest school kids. It flips open to reveal a big display and big buttons. The 2660 Flip also comes with Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) and emergency button that works while closed. There are other features like games, web browsing and camera. Although the camera is made in the modern day, the shots it takes are definitely from the early 2000s. Good choice for mostly phone calls and text messages.


Nokia G22

The Nokia G22 is the first phone in the HMD Nokia range to enable Quickfix repairability. As I tell Tim in the video above, if your kid breaks it, he or she can fix it. Pretty handy skill to learn. Together with ifixit, Nokia has created a self-repairable phone where aspects like dead batteries, broken screens and bent charging cables can be fixed at home by the phone user, without voiding the warranty. The Nokia G22 prioritises a longevity-first design with the self-repairability being supported by 3 years of warranty and updates as well as a 3-day battery life.



The A79 5G is the most expensive in this group but it’s definitely good value. It has all the best feature you’d expect from OPPO. The large display is incredibly bright. You can see in the demo video above just how bright it gets. Brilliant for outside use by kids. A hefty 5,000mAh battery can be charged to 100% in approx. 74 minutes. A 5-minute charge is enough for up to 2.6 hours of phone calls. Dual AI rear cameras are outstanding at this price.

OPPO A79 5G FOR $367

Motorola G54 5G

The moto g54 5G comes packed with Motorola’s usual features which include twist-to-launch-camera and shake-for-torch. It has an excellent 6.5” display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The rear 50MP camera system with OIS can capture outstanding images. Of course, it’s also 5G. At less than $250, the Moto G54 is amazing value.


iPhone SE – refurb

iPhone has a long support timeline but it’s not endless. So I would recommends parents look for a 2020 SE device. These refurbished phones are great for families that want to be all-in with Apple team. This is handy for easy sharing and tracking. Although you’ll see many iPhone 8 and X models around, I would skip these as they are at, or nearing the end of their support life from Apple. This is important for security updates. It’s also a good idea to underscore the importance of phone security with you children as it will help set them up in later life. I’m pleased to say my kids are always doing the right thing when it comes to security .. and they are in their twenties now.



In this week’s segment we also covered smartwatches at school. I found that rules vary on the use of these devices in different jurisdictions. Some won’t allow them, others will, if they are in flight mode or with notifications turned off. Of course, there are exemptions for medical reasons.

Watches are often used to track where children are during the day so another option might be AirTag for Apple users or SmartTag2 for Samsung owners. Tile will work for all. Just pop one in your kid’s bag and you’re good to go. Although two-way communication isn’t possible you could just make them beep remotely. That could signify you need to make contact.

Or you could just ring the school .. old skool.

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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: MWC23 Concept Devices

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we were hands on with Motorola’s rollable screen concept phone at Mobile World Congress in Spain. It drew big crowds along with Lenovo’s rollable laptop screen.



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we were hands on with Motorola’s rollable screen concept phone at Mobile World Congress in Spain. It drew big crowds along with Lenovo’s rollable laptop screen.


TCL had some really interesting tech that’s already on the market or coming soon. One of those products we hope to see soon is the RayNeo X2 – AR Glasses. They can translate Chinese now – with other languages in the future.


OPPO’s Air Glass 2 are just 38 grams. They use a monochromatic display to show directions and other information. The working demo I tried was a teleprompter application. Pretty cool. These are most comfortable smart-glasses I’ve tested to date and they look normal.


It really does sound like magic but they were right there for everyone to see. The ZERO POWER TAG is a working prototype made by OPPO that doesn’t require a battery.  It’s like an Apple AirTag without a battery. Using a phone you can track where it is or determine the local temperature. It’s still early days but this has massive potential for sensors. It’s been a long held dream to harvest energy from radio waves around us and it looks like we have arrived. 


OnePlus – a sub brand of OPPO has a 45W Liquid Cooler that can reduce a smartphone’s temperature by up to 20°C.  This means phones can run faster while batteries last longer. A great use case would be in the Aussie summer – the phone is on the dash while using GPS. Also good for hangovers. 


The marketing of 5G has changed. In 2019 it was all about an amazing future – cars talking to each other – remote surgery – very futuristic.  Now, the marketing is more pragmatic. Solutions are realistic because 5G millimetre wave is nowhere near mainstream yet. Almost no one is promoting mmWave phones. The public don’t really care – they just want a solid connection with adequate speed. There was some 6G chat but even the experts don’t know what that is. 

Telstra announced the successful completion of a 100km long-range 5G data call on a mid-band. This world-first achievement was conducted at Burra in South Australia and made possible through a new software feature that extends the maximum cell range from 15km out to 100km. The extended range feature will enable Telstra to broaden the benefits of 5G Massive MIMO AAS radios to even more rural and regional areas, delivering 5G capacity and downlink speeds to more customers. This is what we need from our telcos!


Interesting story out of the Maldives with clear applications for Australian agriculture. There’s a big debate about pesticide use in Australia. In the Maldives, the infestation of the hairy caterpillar (Euproctis fraterna) is threatening local life and ecosystem. It feeds on the Indian almond tree, whose roots are essential to prevent coastal erosion. It also is covered in toxin-covered hairs that leave severe rashes and blisters upon skin contact, as well as respiratory distress when inhaled, causing closures of schools and businesses. The traditional pesticide method of on-ground pole spraying is inefficient and ineffective, so a team led by entomologist Dr. Bart Knols is finding a new solution with the DJI Agras T30. Following his team’s success in battling Malaria in Tanzania, Dr. Knols is working with local professionals in the Maldives to use the T30 to spray the Indian almond trees with maximum effectiveness to protect the local ecosystem and economy.

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Optus 5G Remote Racing AWS Deepracer 200kms Apart



This is one of the best demos of 5G I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot.

I was able to drive an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Deepracer in Bathurst from Optus HQ in Sydney.

To do this you need low latency, a feature of 5G.

Optus has recorded latency lows of 12 milliseconds over a 200km distance and two 5G radio systems; 5G mmWave in Sydney George Street store (powering the cockpit) and 5G standalone in Bathurst (powering the race car).

After much hype, we are finally starting to get somewhere with 5G now that mmWave is available in the wild.

Note: Apparently I broke the car’s camera that why the video ends the way it does 😉

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