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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Big Moment for Cultivated Meat Tech



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we covered the landmark final approval for lab-grown cultivated meat to go on sale in the United States.

UPSIDE Foods and Good Meat announced they have been granted final approval from the US Department of Agriculture to sell cultivated meat. Singapore is already selling clean meat but due to the sheer size of the United States meat market, this is massive news.

The announcements have been celebrated by companies in Australia. Here’s a local response from Magic Valley CEO, Paul Bevan. Magic Valley made their own breakthrough cultivated lamb meat prototype last year. 

“We are thrilled by the ground-breaking news that cultivated meat has finally received approval for sale in the United States. The approvals granted to UPSIDE Foods and Good Meat mark a monumental milestone, not only for the companies involved but for the entire cultivated meat industry and the future of sustainable and ethical food production globally.

Upside Foods’ facility is next level high tech and incredibly clean. A hallmark of the Cultivated Meat industry.

“This long-awaited decision by both the FDA and USDA not only recognises the immense potential of cultivated meat to address the pressing global challenges we face today, but also the years of dedication and persistence of the many committed visionaries, entrepreneurs and scientists who have worked to develop this transformative technology. 
“We extend our sincerest congratulations to UPSIDE Foods and Good Meat on their huge achievement and eagerly anticipate the positive impact their products will have in shaping a more sustainable and ethical food industry.

Lab made chicken tastes like the real thing.

“We hope that the approval of cultivated meat in one of the world’s largest consumer markets serves as a catalyst for the global adoption of this revolutionary technology – technology that offers a pathway to reduce the environmental footprint of the food industry, mitigate the impact of climate change, and alleviate the strain on global resources.

“This milestone will pave the way for further progress and innovation, driving investments and partnerships that will accelerate the development and commercialisation of cultivated meat products worldwide.”

Here’s a great explainer video from Magic Valley.


Google’s long awaited new Android tablet is finally here. It’s main role is a home hub but it’s also a powerful tablet on the go. In this segment we look at the similarities with the Nest Hub Max, Google’s impressive digital assistant display. But unlike the Nest product, the Pixel Tablet can be detached from speaker dock magnetically.

Google Pixel Tablet
  • Powered by Google Tensor G2 chip, the Tablet enables fast and smooth streaming, high-quality video calls, accurate voice typing and more
  • Keeping your tablet charged 24/7, the Charging Speaking Dock doubles as a great-sounding speaker for room-filling music
  • Created for entertainment, the 11-inch screen is ideal for streaming your favourite shows, and is the first tablet with built-in Chromecast 
  • Connecting seamlessly with Pixel phones, earbuds and watches, the Pixel Tablet offers a a world of help, built around you 
Google Pixel Tablet comes with a speaker dock in the box

The Pixel Tablet is now available at the Google Store, JB-HiFi and Telstra. Prices start from $899 (128 GB) or $999 (256GB), which includes the bundled Charging Speaker Dock.

You can buy extra docks for placement around the home.  


Laser Portable Party Speaker with LED Stand

Portable party speakers are great .. but they can be heavy and awkward to carry around. So Laser’s solution is a bluetooth speaker in the form of a backpack. It comes with straps, a stand and plenty of RGB lights. It looks like a mobile, old school, equaliser. Even the stand has lights.

It does a lot more and you can get one here.


Another party speaker by Laser also comes with RGB lights and LED messaging panel. The customised message screen can display any text you want. It also has Dual Wireless Microphones – for good or bad duets.

You can get one here.


The new Fujifilm X-S20 is mirrorless camera that comes with a vlogging selection on the top dial. This unlocks special settings and features to simplify the process of doing a video blog or vlogging. 

When paired with an XF8mmF3.5 R WR lens, this small camera packs a mighty punch.

Key points:

  • NEW 6.2K/30p, 4K/60p,1080/240p video and 4:2:2 10bit internal recording
  • Vlogging made easy with our dedicated vlogging mode with easy-to-use features  
  • Compact body with greater battery life offering an estimate of 730 frames battery life – more than double the battery life vs X-S10
  • NEW optional external cooling fan for extended video recording in high res
  • Wider range of tracking modes – now including our subject detection modes and NEW product priority mode
  • The XF8mmF3.5 R WR is an ultra-wide angle (UWA) prime lens with the focal length of 8mm (equivalent to 12mm in the 35mm film format). 

I’ve seen it priced A$2,288 for the body only.

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