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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Colour changing BMW



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took a look at some of the weird and wonderful tech from CES, the world’s biggest technology show. We started off with BMW’s colour-changing car I-Vision-Dee. Last year BMW showed a black and white version, this year this concept car can switch between 32 colours. It uses e-ink technology on numerous panels so you can have racing stripes and multiple colours at once.  The ultimate goal for the Australian engineer leading the project, Stella Clarke – is to make it a spray on system. 


CES has a whole area devoted to startups and it’s my favourite part of the show. Here are some of my specials. 

  1. This boxing bag cover turns any old punching bag into a smart boxing bag. The sensors measure your speed, force, and reactivity. 

  2. Forget snowmobiles – MoonBikes Snowbike is one-third the size of the average snowmobile and gives its users the freedom of an e-bike, with the power of a motorcycle.

  3. This electric wheelchair gets around on flat surfaces and climbs starts. It’s unique and gets smarter with updates too. 

  4. This smartwatch band doesn’t need to be charged. It recharges itself entirely by motion, body heat and environmental light. Fits any classic watch.

  5. Unlike other massage guns – this device gives feedback on your sore biceps or quads while treating them.

  6. And while this isn’t from a start up this was too good not to talk about. Withings has developed a (hands-free) toilet sensor that will test your urine.


Tim had to deal with a fake Instagram page that was impersonating him last week. He reached out for advice and we discussed the issue on the segment. I reached out to Meta about this – and they pointed out their recent campaign which highlighted cloned or faked accounts. Reporting fake accounts quickly is the best thing to do and get others to join in. 2 factor authentication must be turned on if you want to keep secure.

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