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In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Jaynie Seal) we looked at Cybertruck and the latest reports of delays into next year. We also look at other options in the EV off-road 4WD space. Will they benefit from Tesla delays? Absolutely.

What about Australia? The only EV I’m interested in is something that will take on the Aussie bush. But when, if ever, will we see a Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Ford F150 Lightning or GMC Hummer? When it comes to this category of EV Australia is a long way down the list.

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As of publishing you can still put a deposit down for Cybertruck on the Australian Tesla website. It will cost you $150 AUD.


Personal mobility has been difficult during the pandemic for many people. An issue Hyundai is addressing with its mobility vision explained in detail at CES 2022. Hyundai is a big player in this space due the companies move into robotics. From wearable robot technology that will allow people overcome physical disabilities by using powered exoskeletons for walking or integrated robotic shuttle systems.

‘Expanding Human Reach’ through Robotics & Metaverse

From home to venue, all parts of the journey will be handled by robotic tech. It will lead to more independence for those with difficulty getting around and VR links will enable you to hug and feed pets through a robot avatar at home. This brings the metaverse into the plan for a connected future of proxy robots. The vision is grand but entirely feasible.


New Skullcandy wireless earbuds can command music to play even when the phone is offline. Thanks to Skull-iQ users have the ability ability to go completely hands-free. Skull-iQ is active on the Push Active Sport and Grind True Wireless Earbuds selling for $179.95 AUD.

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Unlike earbuds with Siri and Google Assistant built-in, the ‘Hey Skullcandy’ command works entirely offline. [Some very limited offline Siri use is available on iOS 15 – similar to Google but with earbuds nothing comes close to Skullcandy). As long as the earbuds are connected to a phone and paired with the Skullcandy companion app, the ‘Hey Skullcandy’ command works even without an active data/Wi-Fi connection. These commands are also platform-agnostic. No matter if someone has an Android device or an iPhone, voice controls will work just the same. 

It will get smarter over time .. with over-the-air updates via the Skullcandy App.

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