Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Drone Exclusive Behind-the-scenes at Wing

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took an exclusive sneak peek behind-the-scenes of Wing’s drone delivery operation ahead of this week’s mini documentary on Image Matrix Tech. A new American survey shows growing public support for deliveries by drone but it’s in Australia where real-world trials are leading the way. I’m the first outsider to gain access to shoot behind-the-scenes with Wing Aviation HQ in Canberra. This world exclusive access documents the whole process from start to finish. I Interviewed Wing, the partners making the coffee/food and the customers in the suburbs.

Come back Wednesday to see the full doco.


Why do you need a pet grooming tool on a vacuum cleaner? Pet hair can carry pollen and other allergens all around your home. Dyson’s research revealed that 1 in 2 pet owners allow their pets to sleep on their beds. Yet, two thirds of Aussie pet owners are unaware that viruses and house mite faeces can reside on their pets.  Now, the Dyson Groom tool, engineered to remove your dog’s loose hairs, pet dander and microscopic skin flakes is compatible with Dyson’s cordless vacuum sticks. Attaching to the main body of the machine or via an extension hose the tool has 364 bristles angled at 35°.

But this won’t work on all pets. They need to be OK with the vacuum cleaner and the grooming tool.  It’s now available from Dyson.


If you’re struggling to see your tony laptop screen or getting a bad back from leaning over to type, try using a TV as your computer screen. Big monitors let you see more of programs, so you’re not flicking between windows. In this segment I look at a couple great examples. The LG’s C2 42 inch OLED makes a superb TV computer monitor. I have it mounted on a heavy duty swing arm. This is the model here.  

For next level insanity, I’ve been using the Samsung 75 inch QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV. I have this placed on a stand with castors. But keep in mind you need to know what your computer is capable of outputting via HDMI. And don’t use just any TV as most cheaper 4K units have poor colour and performance capabilities.

Also, when it comes to on-the-road, nothing beats espresso Displays. Great Aussie company doing amazing things in the monitor space.

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