Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Dyson 360 Vis Nav

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took a look at Dyson’s new robot vacuum cleaner, Dyson 360 Vis Nav.

For more than 20 years Dyson has been working towards the ultimate robot vacuum cleaner .. so have they done it? The first thing you notice is the shape. The D shape means it can clean corners and edges properly. It amazes me that most robot vacs are round because they just don’t do corners or edges well.  

The Dyson 360 Vis Nav is the most powerful robot vacuum on the market by a long way – probably every made – so in that area it blows the competition away. Dyson says it’s 6 times more powerful than then the next best. It makes sense when you look at what’s inside. 

Surprisingly, Australia and Japan are the first markets to get access to the 360 Vis Nav. It costs A$2399.


Adobe has integrated Firefly directly into Photoshop

This is massive news from Adobe. Firefly – Adobe’s AI assistant – is now available in Photoshop. The key feature: Generative Fill. 

The new Firefly-powered Generative Fill is the world’s first co-pilot in creative and design workflows, giving users a new way to work by easily adding, extending or removing content from images non-destructively in seconds using simple text prompts. So .. you just type what you want and Photoshop makes it happen. Firefly’s first model is trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licenced content and other public domain content without copyright restrictions.

Download the Photoshop Beta and you must have an Internet connection to use it. 


Samsung Display showed off a new sensor OLED display that can recognise fingerprints anywhere on the screen

Display Week in LA is all about screens and here’s a few futuristic ones from Samsung.

  • Samsung Display unveiled a new Sensor OLED Display that can recognise fingerprints ANYWHERE on the screen and even check cardiovascular health. Sensor OLED Display can measure the user’s heart rate, blood pressure and stress level simply with the touch of two fingers. This is Sci Fi stuff.
  • Flex In & Out, a new foldable phone concept that can be folded both inward and outward 360 degrees. The ‘in-folding’ form factor, which can only be folded inward, requires a separate external panel to view information while folded, but the Flex In & Out is able to overcome that, opening up the possibility of lighter and thinner foldable phones.
  • Rollable Flex expands more than five times, from 49 mm to 254.4 mm in length. While conventional foldable or slidable form factors offer up to three times the scalability, Rollable Flex overcomes such limitations by enabling the display to be rolled and unrolled on an O-shaped axis like a scroll. Think about it  .. you could just roll up your TV and carry it under your arm.

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