Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: ECOFLOW River 2 Power Stations

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we showed how new Power Stations can be used to help consumers save on rising energy costs. EcoFlow River 2 series is about to hit the Australian market with updated LFP Battery Chemistry. As always we were among the first to try them out in Australia and they are impressive. Most people will use them for camping and travel but they are ideal for home backup. 

The River 2 models can be used for is as a backup device for when there’s a blackout. It can detect a power loss then quickly witch over to the battery in 30ms. These units use This allows RIVER 2 Series models to charge and discharge around 3000 times (approximately 10 years of use) before its battery capacity drops to 80%. They are very safe. EcoFlow produced some insane testing videos which we show in this segment.

The RIVER 2 series can be match with portable solar panels for charing on the go.


The MACH V1 Ultra is the world’s first cordless vacuum with steam-mopping capabilities for $1,499 from Smart appliances brand by eufy Clean. It packs a serious cleaning punch and will no doubt be huge in Aussie homes.

SteamWave™ Technology

The SteamWave™ technology is best suited to stubborn mess, It works by first dissolving the stain and then vacuuming and mopping the surface. The steam is continually released at a high temperature of 110℃ in order to remove dirt and bacteria. As an added safety feature the V1 Ultra is equipped with overheat protection, which pauses the steam delivery whenever the vacuum is lifted off the ground. 

Eco-Clean Ozone™ Disinfection

Perfect for families, the sterilisation technology is used to sanitise the floor, and later, sanitises the vacuum itself, including the rolling brush. Upon disinfecting the floor, the ozone breaks down into oxygen, making it non-toxic and most importantly, effective. According to a study done by the Technical Inspection Association (TUV) and Environmental Protection Agency, ozone technology reduces germs by up to 99%. For this reason, the V1 Ultra was awarded the first TUV certificate for a product of this calibre.

Additional features of the V1 Ultra include:

  • Tesla Valve Mixing™ Technology –  built in generator that precisely proportions and mixes the cleaning solution with water and, with the push of a button, releases the proper amount of solution for optimal cleaning. 

  • JetBlade™ Anti-Slip – This feature emits air to dry the floor as it mops, minimising the risk of slipping on hardwood floors.

  • Triple Self-Clean System – The V1 Ultra has a three-fold self-cleaning system that cleans, disinfects and dries the rolling brush, tube and vacuum body at the same time with the press of a button.

  • Long-Lasting Battery – This cordless stick vacuum is powered by Anker’s industry leading battery technology and offers 82 minutes* of runtime on a single charge

  • JetStream™ Powerful Suction & noise cancellation – Equipped with suction power of 16,800Pa, perfect for picking up mess on hard floors, the V1 Ultra also comes with three-layered noise-cancelling technology that ensures noise levels stay below 65dB, about the same level as a dishwasher.


Canon has maintained Number 1 share of the global market for 20 consecutive years – 2003 to 2022 – for digital SLR and mirrorless cameras. The milestone comes as Canon releases new ‘affordable’ mirrorless cameras like this R50. People ask me all the time – what’s a good entry level interchangeable lens camera that’s affordable? Well … they don’t really say ‘interchangeable lens’ but it’s something similar. The new answer is this: the EOS R50. It’s a 24MP APS-C Mirrorless camera that can also shoot 4K video.  The R50 is the ultimate travel companion with its lightweight design (375g). It has many of the features you’ll find in top models. The RRP is $1399 AUD with a kit lens but I’ve already spotted it for a cheaper price.

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