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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Elon Musk and Twitter in-depth



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked at Twitter in the wake of its purchase by billionaire Elon Musk.

Verified Twitter users will have to pay to keep their blue tick badges but many celebrities say they won’t be paying the eight dollar monthly fee and will leave the social network. Some already have left. We discuss if leaving now is a good idea, should people wait? Twitter is a mess – always has been – but that’s part of the charm.

It’s unlikely Musk can make it better because all social media has same issues with free speech limits. When I interviewed founder Jack Dorsey he told me he never blocked anyone. But if anyone can do it, Musk can. Get ready for a wild ride.


Bitdefender for Android with Chat Protection was announced last week and it’s already available from the Google Play Store.

To combat the surging rate of SMS and instant messaging scams, Bitdefender released the industry’s first security feature for real-time chat that protects users from malicious links sent or received during live sessions in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Discord.

Integrated into Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, the new feature called Chat Protection addresses a marked increase in cybercriminal activity targeting SMS and messaging apps to deliver malware and steal credentials.

If a malicious link is sent, the user is immediately alerted and prevented from navigating to the criminal’s webpage.

Key Features and Benefits

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android with Chat Protection customers benefit from:

  • Preemptive alerting for financial and data loss risks — When users receive a suspicious link in messaging applications, notifications or text messages they are notified to prevent accessing or sharing the link.

  • Enhanced protection for friends and family — If a potentially dangerous link is inadvertently shared, users have the options to recall or delete the message.

  • Detection of sophisticated social engineering — Phishing attempts that rely on human curiosity, urgency, and impersonation are recognised and flagged by Bitdefender offering users an additional layer of protection.

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