Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Flood Tech – 5G Remote Racing – Shoppers Supply Chain Concerns



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Danica De Giorgio) we looked at technology that can help residents stop or at least reduce flood damage for members of the public.

Turns out there are many low and hi-tech alternatives to traditional sandbags.

You can even protect your car.

It might look crazy but the Flood Guard Car Bag will completely seal your car from flood waters.

It even has bumpers for floating debris and you can secure it to a structure. 

This model shown has been updated and costs around $1000 USD.

AWS Remote Racing Over Optus 5G.

Through the power of 5G I was able to drive an Amazon Web Services (AWS) DeepRacer in Bathurst from Optus HQ in Sydney. 

This is one of the best demos of 5G I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. 

To do this you need low latency, a feature of 5G. 

Optus has recorded latency lows of 12 milliseconds over a 200km distance and two 5G radio systems; 5G mmWave in Sydney George Street store (powering the cockpit) and 5G standalone in Bathurst (powering the race car). 

Australians are more worried about supply chain issues than COVID-19 when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Oracle surveyed 520 Australians as part of its global Retail Holiday survey (a total of 5,728 consumers surveyed worldwide) and found that:

  • Almost one in four Australian shoppers are anxious about gift orders not arriving on time

  • Gift cards remain a risk-free option, with many shoppers intending to give them this year

  • Half of Gen Z are already planning on returning a present

  • Three in four Australians feel safe to carry out their holiday shopping in store, despite increased exposure risks to COVID.

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