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In our recent segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Gabriella Power) we looked Google’s annual health event “The Check up” and the company’s emphasis on body sensors. Currently patients recovering from knee surgery attend a gait lab for 3D motion capture. But Google is hoping to get similar results by using existing USB-dongle-sized sensors. These sensors would track relevant metrics, like knee angular velocity. This data, collected 24/7, would then be used to improve the recovery process. As the owner of bad knees – this is great news.

The tech giant also wants to listen to our heart with smartphone microphones. Last year Google showed how smartphone cameras can measure heart and breathing rates. Now, new research is testing whether a smartphone microphone can detect heartbeats and murmurs. This is in its early stages but it ‘sounds’ promising.


If you didn’t order on day one – I was one who didn’t – then you could be waiting a while for Apple’s new powerful desktop computer – Mac Studio. Depending on where you live – even ordering the base model involves a wait of a couple of weeks. If you select some of the higher specs – like I have – you won’t be getting it until until June. If you are desperate – check the in-store pick up option. You might get lucky but you also might need to drive some distance. I’m not surprised this has happened as it’s a game-changing computer.


One of the many reviews I’ve had on hold due to covid has been dash cam reviews. Well, that’s over now. On a recent drive from Sydney to Whyalla I installed the UNIDEN DASH VIEW 30. I got it wired for continuous power from the car’s battery. It’s 17 hours from Sydney to Whyalla and a lot can and did happen on this drive. I had some close calls and I show them in this clip on Sky News.

This UNIDEN unit records continuously and by using the app you can download multiple 5-minute clips to your smartphone. I’ll have a full review soon.

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