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In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked at Google’s quiet release of a free app on Apple’s App Store which is promising a wireless transfer process to Android. Switch to Android is an unlisted application on the iOS app store with the link discovered by 9-to-5 Google. I downloaded the app before the show and although not yet able to do the full transfer – it’s a start.

Cable to cable transfer works well with Samsung phones and Android 12 has made the process a lot easier. Apple has had the advantage here for a long time. It has been offering a Move to iOS Android app since 2015. An equal, simple switching process, is long-overdue between the two big operating systems so let’s hope this continues to be refined on both sides.


Australia’s Forcite Helmets has just released the MK1S. A smart helmet inspired by a bike accident the CEO was injured in. It’s taken two years of development and $10.1M of R&D investment. The helmet includes smart navigation technology, alerting riders of upcoming dangers. The LED display is designed to be non-distracting – no need to look down or at a head-up display.

There’s no bulky clip-on camera or headsets. An embedded camera records continuously – in HD. Following an accident, or even a dropped helmet, Forcite owners can send their helmet to have the shell replaced and the tech components salvaged. 

Another great Australian tech success story.


Most consumers have only scratched the surface when it comes to using their Apple Watch. My own research reveals that a stunning amount of people are unaware of even the most basic of apps. So in this segment I take Tim through some basic but practical apps – that I use every day. The noise app measures the sound around you in real time. It will also notify you when a certain dB is reached for a sustained period. I’m using this many of my tech review now.

The torch/flashlight is a life saver. You can tell Siri to activate it – turn it away from you – and it gets brighter. You can also select a red light – this can sometimes make objects clearer or prevent distraction.

Many people don’t realise the Apple Watch can do a lot more than just tell time, get messages and do fitness tracking. Do yourself a favour and start digging into the Apple Watch settings and apps.

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