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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Inside Telstra Blue Tick Lab



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took a TV exclusive tour of Telstra’s upgraded Blue Tick lab which is in a secret location. Telstra’s Blue Tick program is way more important than I first thought. They are able to simulate outdoor conditions to make sure phones work in Australia – most importantly – in fringe coverage areas. The way we hold a smartphone could prove the difference between making a call or having no signal at all. It’s just one of the many tests inside the lab. It could make the difference on highways or farms by kilometres. And that’s a safety issue. 


The market for projectors is small when compared with TVs but demand is strong and growing. Projectors are much cheaper for 100 inch plus screens – and big sizes is something TVs can’t match .. yet. But if you want to replace your TV for daily viewing.. be warned!  The biggest weakness of projectors is ambient light – a light rejection screen helps but not much.

For a home cinema setup – look at a laser projector like the new Epson LS12000 – expensive (AUD $8999) but you won’t need to replace a bulb and the picture is amazing. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the latest projectors and can they actually replace your TV.

From ultra short-throw units like Hisense’s Laser TV to Samsung’s portable Freestyle projector. Keep an eye out for the pool shots.


Withings has a new smart watch coming out later this month. SCANWATCH HORIZON is possibly the best health watch available that looks like a real watch. I say health watch because it’s packed with body monitoring features from a company with a strong track record in the medical sensor field. The Scanwatch Horizon has 30-day battery life, 100m dive rating and a stack of health scanning options.

We discuss how it stacks up against the Apple Watch Series 7.

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Disney’s HoloTile Floor: One Step Closer to a Holodeck



There’s a lot of groovy tech in Star Trek but when the Next Generation showed off the Holodeck, it went straight to the top for me.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard enters the Holodeck in Star Trek The Next Generation

I mean sure, Warp Drive, Replicators and Transporters are pretty cool, but in the Holodeck you can be anyone, be anywhere, do anything. The fictional device essentially uses holograms to render a realistic 3D environment.

Could this be the breakthrough we need for a real Holodeck?

The closest we have to that technology is Virtual Reality. But the big issue is walking around. In Star Trek, the Holodeck tricks you into thinking you are actually walking or running over short or long distances. There are VR treadmills, like the Omni One, but as you can see it’s bulky and you are tethered.

Omni One is shipping

Enter, Disney Research.

The HoloTile Floor removes tethering and it can accept multiple people at the same time. It’s experimental at this stage but it’s the best idea I’ve seen for motion in VR.

The HoloTile Floor can accept multiple users

Disney’s video is very exciting and it’s explained by Lanny Smoot. Lanny is the Disney Research Fellow and Imagineer behind the latest and most realistic lightsabers from Star Wars yet.

Disney’s HOLOTILE is explained by Lanny Smoot

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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Film is King – Oppenheimer IMAX 70mm



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we explained the different formats available to view Christopher Nolan’s epic film ‘Oppenheimer’.

In the age of digital video and massive smart TVs .. the traditional film experience is getting harder to find but Oppenheimer is showing film is still the king. 

People are flying to Melbourne from all over the country and overseas just to see it in IMAX 70mm.  There are only 30 theatres in the world showing this format and Australia has one of them.

Oppenheimer, the story of the man who led the team that created first atom bomb, was shot in IMAX 70/65mm, including black and white, a large format film invented for this movie. 

I’ve seen it in 70mm projection and while magnificent (I prefer the widescreen look) it’s not the same as IMAX 70mm as we explain in the segment.

IMAX 70mm runs through the camera/projector horizontally while 70mm or 35mm film runs through the projector vertically. As a result, you can fit three 70mm film frames into one IMAX 70mm frame. IMAX 70mm is also known as IMAX 1570 film. The 15 in 1570 relates to the perforations along the 70mm frame.

If you can’t see it in IMAX 70mm (it might take a month) don’t be too concerned. You will see the benefits of the original negative being shot in IMAX because all smaller versions of the film will look better. When a film is shot in higher resolution then watched in a lower resolution it will be sharper and more brilliant thanks to the quality and size of the original.  


The ROG (ASUS Republic of Gamers) Phone 7 Ultimate is insanely powerful and fun. It is one of the most powerful phones ever made and it’s now available in Australia.

It’s targeted at gamers but it’s also a great phone for normal use. There are two models but the Ultimate is what we’re showing in this segment.

It has a massive battery – 6000 mAh – a couple of USB ports and 16GB of RAM.

The 165 Hz Samsung AMOLED display’s peak brightness has significantly increased compared to the previous model. The brightness is now up to 1,500 nits for easier viewing outside. It also has 720 Hz touch-sampling rate and ultrasonic buttons for rapid-fire shooting.

Keeping the phone cool while gaming is key so ASUS has included an AeroActive Portal. The air inlet activates automatically when the AeroActive Cooler is attached, directing a constant flow of cool air from the cooler onto the cooling fins of the vapour chamber. 

When the AeroActive Portal is activated, the phone’s thermal efficiency can increase by up to 20%.

It also delivers 2.1-channel sound when the new AeroActive Cooler 7 accessory is attached, which houses a powerful subwoofer.


If you’re always doing Teams or Zoom meetings in the office and on the road all day – then the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex could be the headset for you.

It’s the most portable professional headset with unique fold and-go design paired with best-in-class Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation.

It’s extremely comfortable – soft on your ears for people using headsets all day. The flexible ear cups rotate to move whenever you do. 

Its 360° busylight glows red, sending out an easy-to-see “STOP” sign to anyone around you.

Evolve2 65 Flex is certified for all leading virtual meeting platforms – including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Plug-and-play setup is easy and with Dual connectivity letting you switch between devices, it’s easy to jump from listening to music on your phone to taking an incoming video call on your laptop without missing a beat.

Wireless range is up to 30m.

It will cost around A$500 – bit more with the charging stand, which the headset neatly sits on.

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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: No Reason to Panic as Apple shuts down My Photo Stream



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Jaynie Seal) we covered the closure of Apple’s original free photo syncing service – My Photo Stream.

The service, introduced in 2011, allowed iPhone users to share their recent images to other devices, up to one thousand in the last 30 days.

iCloud Photos does all that work nowadays, so My Photo Stream is no longer accepting new images and will officially shut down 26th July 2023.

Here’s Apple’s support document on My Photo Stream shutdown.

So what happens to our photos? Probably nothing, as almost all users have transitioned to iCloud Photos. Original photos on device are safe but if you have a different device and want to save images, follow the steps below.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open Photos and tap Albums.
  2. Tap My Photo Stream > Select. 
  3. Tap the photos that you want to save, then tap the Share button – THEN SAVE image.

You can also do this on your Mac.


Heat is the enemy when it comes to computers. The solution? Immersion cooling. We were granted access to Interactive’s Data Centre in Sydney to see Vertiv’s liquid cooling technology. Using a tank of dielectric coolant, essentially a type of mineral oil that doesn’t conduct electricity, servers can been cooled rapidly and efficiently. They even let me put a GoPro into the tank. You can see how the heat is taken from the computer.  

This not only works for big business but you could use this technology in remote areas or even at home (if you know what you’re doing). Almost any electronic product will work in dielectric coolant and there are huge savings too.

Image Matrix Tech will take a deep-dive into immersive cooling next week with the team from Interactive and Vertiv.


The FLOOR ONE S7 PRO wet and dry vacuum is now available in Australia, launched yesterday. And yes, it is fun to use.

Made by Tineco, the FLOOR ONE S7 PRO is equipped with an intelligent self-cleaning system and a balanced-pressure water flow system that uses fresh water to easily deep clean filthy hard floors.

It can detect a mess and automatically adjust suction power and water volume. The vacuum also comes with a dual-sided enhanced edge cleaning to reach every nook and cranny. The 3.6-inch LCD Screen provides an easy-to-use interface and quick snapshot of product performance and battery life.

Although the unit is light, it has a bi-directional self-propulsion that detects movement to help you easily push or pull.

The Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO is now on sale at Godfreys for A$1,299. 


It’s a good idea to refresh your Wi-Fi every couple of years to keep up with the latest in wireless technology. We’re talking speed and security as a priority.  

Yesterday, I updated my main network with the world’s first Quad-Band WI-FI 6E MESH system made by NETGEAR.  I wish I did it earlier! The Orbi 960 Series future proofs home internet with a 10Gb Ethernet port – supporting multi-gig connections – and an upgraded antenna design for greater WiFi performance. 

It’s the best of the best and expensive but if you have many IoT of devices and thick walls like we do, then it’s definitely one to consider. It’s huge but very fast. You will notice a big difference if you have an older Wi-Fi system.

On top of this, Orbi Wi-Fi 6E includes a year of NETGEAR Armor to protect your connected home from online threats, monitoring activity going to and from the internet, and defend what will fundamentally be a significant investment for homeowners over the coming years. 

It’s RRP is $2799 but I’ve spotted it on sale for $2239.

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