Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Meta to allow 10 year olds to use VR with parental approval

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked at Meta’s new parent-managed accounts for Meta Quest 2 and 3 for their children ages 10 – 12.

Meta says it’s giving families more ways to use and enjoy VR and that means more age-appropriate apps too, giving parents full control. 

It’s due to be activated later this year.

  • Mandatory parental approval: Parent-managed Meta accounts will require parents to set up an account for their 10-, 11-, or 12-year-old. Preteens won’t be able to set up an account without their parent’s approval.
  • Parent-managed access to content: Parents will control whether their preteen can download or use an app, and parents can block access to apps at any time. To help parents decide whether to allow their preteen to use an app on the Meta Quest Platform, all apps will have a product description page that provides information on what data is collected and how it might be used, whether the app has social features, as Metall as an age rating provided by the IARC, an independent global agency. Meta Horizon Worlds remains a 13+ app in the US and Canada (18+ in Europe) and will not be available to preteens when parent-managed Meta accounts become available later this year.
  • Time limit controls and casting: Parents will be able to manage how long their preteen can use the headset each day and schedule breaks from their device. Meta also offer the ability to cast VR experiences to a phone or TV screen, so that parents can monitor what their preteens are viewing while they’re using the headset.
  • Default privacy and safety settings: Parent-managed Meta Horizon profiles will be automatically set to private, meaning people won’t be able to follow preteens without their or their parent’s approval. Active Status and current app usage by 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds will be hidden from others by default unless their parent chooses to allow this information to be shared. Preteens won’t be able to change default privacy and safety settings—only a parent can.
  • Protecting preteens’ data: Meta will use information Meta collect about 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds through our Meta Quest products to deliver an age-appropriate experience. Meta do not serve ads to this age group. Parents will also be able to choose whether their child’s data is used to improve the experience, and they will be able to delete their child’s account, including all of the data associated with it.



Qantas has revealed the full cabin technology the airline will use inside a special A350 variant from Airbus. The ultra long haul jumbo will allow for flight times up to 22 hours. These flights to New York and London will start in 2025.

Every seat across all four cabins will feature multiple fast USB-C charging ports and every premium seat will also have integrated wireless charging. The Qantas A350 fleet will offer free WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. All passengers will be able to connect their personal headset to the individual inflight entertainment screen.

The aircraft will have six large enclosed First Suites designed to feel like a mini boutique hotel room with 2 metre flat bed, dining table for two, separate recliner chair and a 32” 4k ultra-high definition touch screen TV.

The 52 Business Suites will feature sliding doors for additional privacy, lay flat bed, large dining table, bespoke lighting and 18” 4K touch screen TV.


LG has brought back the Plug & Play feature to the Tone Free T90 model, delivering improved usability for any use-case scenario. With the included USB-C to AUX cable, users can plug the case into a radio, treadmill, in-flight entertainment system, and a wide range of other AUX inputs to enjoy the wireless freedom and premium sound quality offered by the LG TONE Free wireless earbuds. This popular function has been enhanced for the T90 model, with a useful, new voice chat function that is ideal for conference calls and for chatting with friends while gaming, keeping users’ part of the conversation no matter where they are.

T90 flagship model is the world’s first Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds to support Dolby Head Tracking™ across all entertainment, which recalibrates the sound as users move their head.

UVnano charging case that keeps the eartips clean. Using an UV-C LED built into both LG TONE Free models’ cases, it is tested to reduce bacteria on the earbuds’ ear gels by 99.9 percent in just ten minutes when charging.

Best travel all rounders you can buy.

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