Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Mind-blowing DALL-E 2 AI images

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Kristie Lloyd) we explained how Artificial Intelligence is making it possible to create any image (realistic or stylistic) you can dream of by just typing out a description. DALL-E 2, the latest version of Open AI DALL-E is creating a whole new field of art and photography.  The AI takes a request, like a Koala on a Motorcycle, then creates multiple versions of it from scratch. Some of the renders are absolutely photo-real.

Not anyone can use it – you must be invited. The reason; they want a measured, safe rollout of the technology – avoiding deep fakes for example. People who have access are blowing the minds of art lovers. There was great example of a magazine cover being designed by AI but artists are pointing out they see DALL-E 2 as a tool not a replacement for creatives. There’s an amazing instagram page showing the best examples.

I found a scaled-down version that gives you an idea how it works.


The Huawei Watch D is surprisingly accurate when it comes to measuring blood pressure. It is not an official medical device but like most smartwatches – it gives you a good idea of your health vitals. This has been a huge problem for tech companies to overcome and for AUD $799 you can get one right now. Despite the thicker band to accomodate the inflatable air bag, the watch isn’t bulky and looks pretty stylish. It does all the other stuff that most smartwatches do as well.

This is a feature many consumers have been demanding. BP Doctor MED is a crowd funded blood pressure smartwatch that has high praise for its accuracy. It’s cheaper but it’s not shipping yet. You can check it out here.


Laptop stands not only lift your notebook computer to a more comfortable height, they can extend the life and performance of your laptop. I show the latest Bonelk models I’m testing at the moment. It’s far better to have your monitor just under eye-level and the stand should allow the screen to be vertical.  Well designed laptop stands stop notebooks from overheating. Many of the latest computers handle heat well but performance machines can still get hot.

Heat is the enemy of computer chips. Hot computers slow down and the batteries can be damaged. It’s happened to me and it’s not nice. For example; using some older laptops on a bed is a bad idea. There is simply no place for the heat to go. Also, we look at getting a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It will complete your laptop stand setup and enable multi computer use if you use the Logitech MX Master series. Simply the best in my opinion.

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