Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: OPPO Foldable Phone – WHOOP Fitness – Belkins KIds Headphones – Meta Animation AI

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Jaynie Seal) we looked at OPPO’s first foldable phone – Find N.

In a niche market dominated by Samsung we discuss the differences OPPO’s device brings to the market, albeit just China for now.

OPPO also revealed its first smart glasses

“Air Glass” – is an AR device that’ll go on sale early next year. OPPO describes the Air Glass as an “assisted reality” product.

The waveguide display uses a tiny projector with Micro LED.

The inside of the frame has a magnetic port that allows it to be attached to more conventional glasses.

WHOOP 4.0 – Wearable fitness tech that’s really wearable

Whoop 4.0 is a fitness tracker not a smart watch.

Although mostly worn like a traditional watch on the wrist, by removing the WHOOP to sensor-enhanced technical garments, it can collect more accurate data from areas like the arm, torso, waist, and calf.

The charger works while you are still wearing the tracker – so you never have to take the band off. Even in the shower.

It records extras like skin temperature and blood oxygen but it’s a membership-based subscription system.

Belkin Keeping Kids’ Ears Safe

Parents keeping kids busy on tablets might want to look a bit closer at the headphones they buy?

Look for headphones with volume-limiting capabilities. Belkin are selling On-Ear Wireless Headphones for $39.95

A volume cap of 85 decibels protects kids ears while they listen, learn and play.

Anything over 85dB can be harmful to your hearing – young or old.

Pick up a pair here.

New Facebook/Meta web app can bring your drawings to life

It’s called ANIMATED DRAWINGS and all you do is upload a sketch and Meta AI does the rest.

It really is incredible.

Meta AI researchers built a first-of-its-kind method for automatically animating children’s hand-drawn figures of people.

It can bring these drawings to life in a matter of minutes using AI.  

I did a (rather poor) drawing of Tim Gilbert and after a few seconds the AI animated the stick figure walking/dancing?

You can create, download and share your finished animation here.

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