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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: PASSKEYS the end of passwords



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took a look at the beginning of the end for passwords. It’s called PASSKEY. The aim is to log in the same way you unlock your phone, using biometrics or a PIN on a device, like your phone. Google, Apple and Microsoft are all committed to PASSKEY and are part of the FIDO ALLIANCE (Fast Identity Online Alliance).  


I’ve been a LastPass user since 2018 but sadly I’m making the move to another password manager. I say sadly because although I believe my vault is secure, the handling of this hack has not been satisfactory. A bad actor was able to gain access to customer vaults – which contain passwords – but are encrypted. Depending on how long you’ve been with LastPass and how complicated your master password will determine your risk.

Changing your password now is wise but it makes no difference to the hacker. They are trying to crack your vault using your original password on the version of the vault they’ve stolen. By all means do it but also change your vital passwords, like those used for banking and critical services. The risk is low but other data – not encrypted – like email addresses, websites etc that cyber criminals can use to build a phishing profile on you. So it’s not good. This week on Image Matrix Tech I’ll be showing you how to move to another password manager.  


At CES – VR/AR headsets were everywhere. But if they were really good – we’d all have them.  There’s solid speculation that the headset will cost anywhere between US $2,000 and US $3,000 due to the M2 chip it. Possibly later this year. Apple’s will have a the high number of cameras, and high-resolution displays.

This places Apple’s headset at a higher price point than market competitors. Meta’s Quest Pro headset retails at A$2,449.99. The word on the Apple device is that it will look like Ski googles, have a pass-through viewing and possibly external battery.


In this segment Tim uses the example of a late night printer dash for a child’s school assignment. Often that leads to a parent buying a new cheap printer rather than an ink cartridge. I’ve been there several times! But for the last 3.5 years I’ve not had to worry about ink. Why? Ecotank.

Today I show in the fourth year of owning the Epson ET-4750 printer, I ran out of black ink for the first time. Using a spare bottle I topped it up and I’m up and running again. Hopefully for another 3 years. This a great example of tech that lasts and is good for the environment and for your wallet. 

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