Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Password Managers – Macquarie Data Centre – Spacetalk Seniors Watch – LG TONE Free Earbuds

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked at Password Managers in the wake of another report showing that millions are still using bad passwords.

A recent NordPass report shows ‘123456’ is the top password in Australia/NZ and rest of world.

A password manager creates and stores securely – all of your passwords – so you only have to remember one master password.

Using biometrics to access sites or apps via your phone or computer is safer when combined with a Password Manager like LastPass – which is what I use.

Consumers encouraged to store data online.

Macquarie Telecom is expanding its Macquarie Park Data Centre with strongest physical and software security available.

I toured the centre this week and it’s impressive.

More local data centres are being built which means our data is held under Australian law giving users more legal protection.

People are being encouraged to use online storage and computing for business and personal storage. 

I’ll have a feature video on the Data Centre shortly.

Fall Detection added to Seniors Spacetalk Life Smart Watch Phone.

Popular smart watch phone – Spacetalk Life – now comes with fall detection.

Spacetalk Life is a wearable safety watch for seniors with:

GPS Locator

SOS alert

Fall Detection

4G Phone

Spacetalk Life device and app helps care providers, occupational therapists and industry professionals provide better care for seniors.

LG’s Latest TONE Free Wireless Earbuds Offer Something Different

LG’s TONE FREE FP9A will be available early next year but in this segment we’re able to show you a pair and what makes them standout from the very crowded pack.

They have all the usual features – good wireless earbuds should have – but there are three things make them really cool.

  1. Plug & Play’ feature. Plug the charging case into a headphone jack then listen to a treadmill or airplane audio output wirelessly.

  2. UVnano. The case also acts as a cleaner. It has a UV-C light that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria after five minutes of UVC exposure in the cradle. For additional hygiene, the new models also feature medical-grade ear gels.

  3. Whispering Mode. Take out the right earbud and whisper when you want privacy.

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