Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Proofpoint Black Friday warning

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we warned Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargain hunters that a quarter of Australia’s top online retailers are not doing enough to protect consumers from cyber crime. Black Friday sales begin this week but one wrong link could end up costing you a lot more. Cybersecurity company Proofpoint has found one in four (25%) of Australia’s top 100 online retailers are not taking appropriate measures to protect consumers from potential email fraud and cyber crime.

Proofpoint’s analysis of Power Retail’s Top 100 Retailers for 2022 looked at their adoption of DMARC, a widely used protocol that helps guarantee the identity of email communications and protects website domain names from being misused – the results showed 25% of retailers have no DMARC record in place, leaving Australians open to email fraud.

The findings come as Australians are expected to spend a record $6.2 billion during Black Friday sales. Australians are being urged to stay cyber safe and be particularly cautious of email communications from brands. 


Projectors are the most affordable way to enjoy the world cup on a screen that’s anywhere from 100 to 300 inches in size. In this segment we looked at a permanent solution like the Hisense 120” 4K TriChroma Laser TV Projector [Includes Screen].

If you don’t want a permanent setup, a portable projector is a great solution. The XGIMI Halo+ is a fantastic FHD option. You can put the Halo+ absolutely anywhere and it will figure out on its own how to ‘shape’ the image. Its auto keystone and autofocus capabilities are outstanding.

The Samsung Freestyle doesn’t have a in-built battery but it’s cheaper and has its own stand. If you want a four hour battery performance – enough for a World Cup match and penalties, then try out the Philips PicoPix Max TV.


This the ultimate camera phone. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept phone evolved through a partnership with iconic camera brand Leica. Based on a real phone, Xiaomi built an attachment ring over the rear sensor that can connect Leica lenses. This is different to attaching big lenses to the back of an iPhone.

The Xiaomi method is similar to a real camera rig. I really want Xiaomi to make it for consumers but for photographers, we need the reverse to happen. A phone OS put into a camera body because camera UIs are horrible.  

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