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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News – QD-OLED – Samsung Freestyle – BMW Car that changes colour – S21 Fan Edition finally



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked at new TV technology coming to market this year.

QD OLED (Quantum Dot OLED) is the next level of OLED TVs that produces brighter and better colours.


We give you a hands ons look at Samsung’s new Freestyle projector. It’s one of the best useable products to come out of CES 2022.

Use it at home, at the office or at the camp site by using an external battery.

Best of all it comes with a remote and a version of Samsung’s TV operating system.


BWM’s colour changing car was a showstopper at CES. The surface of the BMW iX Flow uses E Ink technology – like you’d find on an e-reader tablet.

Tiny capsules are stimulated by electrical signals. Using a phone app the panels on the car take on a different shade. It’s black and white at this stage but that’s good enough to change from boring white to black with racing stripes at the push of a button.

Apart from the wow-factor there are some good uses for this technology as it improves.

Sony showed off another car too – so everyone is getting into car business. See how Sony’s approach differs from Tesla’s in our segment.


And we’re hands on with Samsung’s S21 FE. The Fan Edition model comes in at less than $1000 AUD.

But with the Galaxy S22 just around the corner, should consumers wait?

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