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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Smartphones of the Year



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Jaynie Seal) we picked the best smartphones you can buy in 2022. This year it’s all about reliability .. not so much about innovation. I could not separate the best, so there’s a three-way tie for phone of the year. I had to do a bit of show-and-tell live as the supporting video clip didn’t roll! I also name the ‘best of the rest’ so check out the video to find out what models made it.


There are some companies pushing the boundaries. OPPO has just shared some of its latest breakthroughs during OPPO INNO DAY.  

There’s a new set of smart glasses that can be used as a teleprompter. The unit has a lighter projector to make the experience feel like normal eyewear. This is the next battlefield after smartphones. 

Most impressive was OPPO’s new Bluetooth technology. One of the first SoC to use the most advanced N6RF process technology, MariSilicon Y introduces a brand-new, self-developed Pro Bluetooth Pack that increases the Bluetooth bandwidth by a massive 50% compared with the highest spec Bluetooth SoCs on the market. Equipped with the exclusive URLC codec technology and a dedicated NPU with up to 590 GOPS of on-device computing power, MariSilicon Y can transmit an unprecedented 24-bit/192kHz ultra-clear lossless audio through Bluetooth for the first time ever.

Also, you’ll be able to mix your own spatial audio due to the on board chip. That’s amazing. 

OPPO also revealed a new health product that you don’t wear. It monitors heart, breathing, blood pressure and sleep. 


One of the pain-points for overseas travel has been global roaming costs. Getting a local sim might save money but you give up your Aussie number. BOOST Mobile has launched pre-paid international roaming. It means you can keep using your mobile number overseas for a low price. From less than $3 a day it means you can travel without fear of bill shock. My advice is to activate your travel plan BEFORE you fly. From experience, I’ve had trouble trying to activate when overseas and it can be messy. Best to avoid.


When it comes to WI-FI and travel .. be careful. Anything with listed as free WI-FI should be treated suspiciously while travelling or even at home. Use a VPN service – I use Express VPN – no ad, I just really like it. A VPN will protect you on any connection. Also check with the hotel or airport staff which is the correct WI-FI ID to use.

If you do not have a VPN app – DO NOT do mobile banking or other finance related activity on WI-FI while travelling. This is the same for here. Always disconnect from WI-FI and use the cell network for banking.

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