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In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked at amazing tiny robots developed by the team at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. They developed the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot — and it comes in the form of a tiny peekytoe crab. Just a half-millimetre wide, smaller than flea – the tiny robot crabs can bend, twist, crawl, walk, turn and even jump. The researchers also developed millimetre-sized robots resembling inchworms, crickets and beetles. The team used a laser beam to rapidly heat the robot. The heating and fast cooling creates motion.

In the very near future tiny robots, like these experimental creations, could assist in medical procedures like clearing clogged arteries, stopping internal bleeding or eliminating cancerous tumours. There’s a long, long way to go but this is exciting stuff.


If you have a new S22 Ultra you could be missing out on a massive photography update. Expert RAW is a ‘pro’ app that takes advantage of Ultra’s powerful camera array and ability to capture 16-bit images.

It will allow users to unleash the full power of the S22 Ultra and other Samsung cameras. You can download it from the Galaxy Store. Other models supporting Expert RAW are: S21 Ultra and Fold3. 

So if you’re doing a little photo editing, you’ll get some amazing results from Samsung’s latest flagship phone. Download it here.


The Sonos Ray is a compact soundbar designed for smaller rooms, like a home office, bedroom or small TV/Gaming room. Key features are: – Optical input – Touch controls – TV remote sync – Apple AirPlay 2 – WiFi.

I’ve just finished a full review on it and although small it packs a punch. Watch it here. It’s available from June 7 and costs $399 AUD.


If you want big sound on the go then the SOUNDBOKS GO is the ultimate speaker due to its insane volume and portability. It is very loud. Up to 121 dB. It weighs less than 9kgs , features two 72-watt continuous class D amplifiers, uses a removable battery and can be wirelessly linked to 5 SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) and Go speakers. It’s available now for $1099 AUD.

Keep an eye (ear) out for a review video soon.

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