Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Vaccine Robot – NSW Transport goes Quantum – Cheap Smarthome by Laser – Google Pet Portraits

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we showed video of a robot that uses ‘needle-less’ injection technology to administer vaccines autonomously.

The Canadian-made prototype can scan a patient before using a high-pressure fluid jet to inject vaccine directly into tissue.

In a world first – Transport for NSW is establishing a Centre of Quantum Technology based in Sydney’s Tech Central, which will be co-led by a dedicated quantum technology director and a fellow of Quantum Technology.

Quantum computing would process and analyse massive amounts of information almost instantaneously, allowing customers to more accurately track the location and capacity of a train or bus. 

If something goes wrong – the network would ‘heal itself’ almost immediately. Minimising travel disruptions.

These prices make it easier to protect your home over Christmas when you are away because nobody is staying home this year!

For less than $40 you get a FHD Security camera, for less than $100 you get a FHD Video Doorbell and for less than $19 a Smart Wi-Fi power plug which turns dumb tech smart.

You could cover your whole home for the price of One camera from another brand.

PET PORTRAITS by Google compares a photo of your pet with tens of thousands of artworks from museums and galleries around the world.

So if you think your cat, dog or turtle is special then it could be a work of art .. literally.

This was a feature for people a few years ago. 

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