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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Webfleet AI helps learner drivers



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked at how Webfleet’s telematics technology and traditional driving lessons are combining to make better learner drivers.

The in-vehicle technology will capture precise detail of any dangerous driving behaviours that occur during the lesson, such as speeding around a corner,  harsh braking or oversteering to avoid an overlooked hazard. 

Failing to stop was indicated to be the most common error reported on practical driving tests across Australia. However, in New South Wales, failing to look over a shoulder proved to be the most common error.


From 10 March to 10 April 2022, Webfleet Solutions is offering with every booking, a free post-lesson performance report and virtual consultation will be provided by Webfleet specialists to discuss the drivers individual performance scorecard, review any moments of dangerous or unlawful driving with video footage, to highlight areas for improvement. I put it to the test with driving instructor Albert from Let’s Go Drive Sydney.


Panasonic Australia has launched the Portable nanoe X Generator which cleans up the air in personal spaces. It’s the same air quality tech used it large room air conditioners – just a lot smaller. It’s USB powered and designed to fit in your car’s cup holder. 

  • Panasonic’s nanoe X technology inhibits indoor pollutants and odours in the air and on surfaces through the release of nano-sized, atomised water particles

  • Combining the flagship technology with the convenience of using it at the desk in the office, to the taxi ride home

  • Backed by 25 years of dedicated research and development, the latest generation of nanoe™ X is proven by more than 140 independent laboratory tests across a range of use cases

  • Panasonic has partnered with Hub Australia to help create a safer workspace. Hub has distributed several hundred Portable Generators as an additional measure to ensure optimal air quality in and around personal workspaces.


It’s Apple’s first entirely new Mac in years. I was hoping for a powerful Mac Mini – but Mac Studio this is even better. In the most expensive model – Apple has stitched together two M1 Max Chips to make the M1 Ultra – the most powerful Apple computer ever. It even blows away Apple’s own Mac Pro in some areas – for now – and it’s worth up $78K AUD. If you want to invest in a long-term Mac that’s easily accessible on your desk for video, coding and animation work? Then this is the one to buy. It will last for years.

Starts at 3K goes over 12K AUD. You need your own monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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