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In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we asked the question; where was the big drone show on New Year’s Eve? Drone swarms have been growing in popularity around the globe but Sydney wasn’t keen on using the technology to see in the new year. We loved the fireworks but why didn’t we see drones as well?


If you just bought the new M2 iPad Pro, you now have the best tablet in the world. Because you can smoothly run Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve for free. It’s nothing short of amazing that this works on an iPad. Resolve can be used for home movies, social videos or Hollywood blockbusters. Apple’s new M1/M2 chips make it possible.

DaVinci Resolve Colour is an industry standard and although there’s a simple cut page included in the iPad version, there’s a simple hack that gives you access to all the pages you can use on the desktop version.


CES starts in Las Vegas this week and it sets the tech schedule for the year. Cars, and lots of them, will be on show at CES 2023. Personal and public transport have become the big categories at CES over the last few years. Last year we had the BMW that changed its paint job on demand, the Avatar inspired Mercedes concept car and of course there’ll be the usual stuff – like TVs, drones, robots and food tech.


Tim started an off the cuff discussion about gaming after making use of an old PS4 I had sitting around doing nothing in storage. I was happy to see the console in a new home and even happier to see how well it had been received. Tim talks about how the PS4 transformed his lounge room over Christmas, as he and the kids enjoy the gaming experience. I went through some tips to make the gaming experience a happy and family friendly one. Happy to say that the Gilbert’s are on the right track.

Credit to Sony for making a long-lived machine. There’s a massive back catalogue of games and more are being made – potentially until 2025. The PS5 is a superior console but many people won’t know the difference because they’re not gaming side by side with the devices. The PS4 is cheaper and there’s a growing second-hand market as people upgrade to the PS5.

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