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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Buying Cars Online Without A Test Drive



This week on Sky News we covered the growth in online car sales during the pandemic.

VW Australia has created a new AR app to make a virtual showroom visit happen anywhere. I tested it on the beach.

We look at Oppo’s new Apple-like smartwatch and headphones.

DJI’s Pocket 2 is a pointer to future devices with built-in wireless audio recording.

We also check out LG’s smart Wine Cellar. It’s not cheap but beautiful.

And we preview our big gaming console review.

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Insane Value: At this Price the Hisense C1 Laser Projector is a Steal

At more than a thousand dollars off, the Hisense C1 is outstanding value for anyone looking for a home cinema experience.



I’ve always told people – never pay full price for AV gear. However, when you see a deal, don’t hesitate.

I’ve just started reviewing the C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector from Hisense. It’s beautifully designed with a 4K picture to match. As always I do, I conducted a price check – and man – talk about timing. Its RRP is A$3,499 but you can buy it today (publish date) for as little as A$2,390.

My review video is nowhere near finished but I have no problem already recommending the C1. At more than a thousand dollars off, the Hisense C1 is outstanding value for anyone looking for a home cinema experience.

Watch Djuro Sen show the C1 to Tim Gilbert on Sky News Weekend Edition

But first, you need to consider your home setup. The Hisense C1 is a medium to long throw projector so you need some depth in your room. It can project a 4K image from 65-inches to a massive 300-inches. To get a picture that large (300″) you need to be around 8 metres from the screen.

It weighs just under 5kg so it’s pretty easy to move around or mount wherever you want. AutoMagic AI helps to take the pain out of setting up but I found the manual settings to be far better. For most people it will be a case of just pointing the projector where they want the image. Hisense has even included a 1/4“-20 mount for use on a stand or tripod. Very cool.  

This is my review setup. The Hisense C1 image looks great even when projecting from an angle.

I’ll save all the best bits for my video but I will say the picture quality is excellent. It’s a very similar look and feel to a normal Hisense TV. But your room needs to be dark or at least not bright. It pumps out 1600 ANSI lumens, which is outstanding in the right conditions. Aside from all the usual picture modes you also get Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio.

The sound is very good out of this cube projector. A 1-litre Sound Chamber, made in collaboration with JBL, really belts out a movie soundtrack.

Image Matrix will post a review video some time after State of Origin II. I’ll be watching that for sure on the Hisense C1.

Hisense 4K Laser Smart Mini Projector Specs

Hisense 4K Laser Smart Mini Projector Specs

Product Category 4K TriChroma Mini Laser Projector
Series TL7K
Model Number C1
Console Colour Black, Gray
Resolution 4K
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Display Technology DLP
Light Source Laser Source
Light Source Blue+Green+Red Laser
Audible Noise ≤26 dB
Display Surface Flat
Light source lifetime 25,000 hours (Luminance drop 50%)
Eye Protection Yes
Digital geometric or keystone correction Yes, Both Auto and Manual keystone correction*
RoHS Compliant Yes
Recyclable Product Yes
Speakers / Type Built-in
Operating System VIDAA U6
Luminance (typical, full field, in Lumens) 1600 lm*
Static Contrast 1600:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 2,000,000:1
Number of Colours 1.07 Billion Colours
Resolution 3840*2160
4K Upscaling Yes
10 bit Colorimetry Yes
High Dynamic Range Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG/HDR10+ Decoding
HDMI-ARC Support Yes
HDMI-CEC Support Yes
MHL Support No
Anyview Cast (Miracast) Yes
Network Streaming (DLNA) Yes
Filmmaker Mode Yes
Wireless Digital Audio (Bluetooth) Yes
Wide Colour Gamut 110% BT.2020
Processor Quad Core
Smooth Motion Rate 120
Decoder HEVC (H.265),VP9,H.264,MPEG4, MPEG2,VC1,MVC
3D Digital Comb Filter Yes
MPEG Noise Reduction Yes
Mosquito Noise Reduction Yes
Sound Output Power 2*10W
Sound Technology Dolby Atmos
NICAM / A2 Stereo No
User Equalizer Yes
AC-4 Yes
Media Player Yes (Video, Audio, Picture)
Hotel Lock No
Streaming video on demand Yes
Web browser Odin
Airplay Yes
Anyview Cast Yes
Anyview Stream Yes (DMP,DMR)
Smart Phone Companion App VIDAA App
HDMI1 High speed HDMI (eARC)
USB1 USB 2.0
USB2 USB 3.0
S/PDIF Output 1
Composite (AV) Input 0
Audio (L/R) Input 0
Ethernet RJ45 port Yes
Wireless LAN adapter Support Yes
WiFi technology IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax,Support three frequency band(2.4G,5G and 6G)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Service port 1
Power Supply 100-240V~ 60/50Hz Max 2.5A
Standby Consumption ≤0.5W
Power Consumption 180W
Weight incl. Packaging 8.6kg
Product Weight (Net) 4.6kg
Packaging Dimension (LxDxH) 391*359*350mm
Product Dimension (LxDxH) 245*179*216mm
Remote Control Model ERF3AD90H
Remote Batteries AAAx2
User Manual YES
Quick start Page YES
Power Cable YES
Container Format AVI,MP4,MKV,TS,FLV OGM
Audio .wma,.wmv,.mp4,.FLAC,.MP2,.MP3 music(mp3 aac wma wav)
Picture .jpeg,.bmp,.PNG,.GIF,.webp
Additional Information *When the projection size is greater than 150 inches, manual focus and manual geometric correction are required.
*The brightness of the laser light beams will be reduced sharply when objects are near to the front of the console to protect your eyes.
*Works with Amazon Alexa, Works with Apple AirPlay, Works with Apple Home

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Health and Fitness

Samsung Galaxy Ring to Rule Them All



Over the last few weeks more details have emerged about Samsung’s highly anticipated wearable device, the Galaxy Ring. The health tracker could be launched as soon as next month, more likely August.

The Galaxy Ring was teased by Samsung earlier this year at Unpacked – the launch of the S24 Series – but some of the battery sizes, 17 mAh, 18.5 mAh and 22 mAh were discovered by mysmartprice as the rings were going through FCC approvals.


Other battery capacities could end up in the final products because there’s a lot of speculation at the moment. Battery life could last up to nine days which makes this an easy tracker to wear.

We’re expecting up to nine sizes – available in black, sliver and gold.


As I discussed with Tim Gilbert in the video at the top of this story, a smart ring with sensors is ideal for monitoring sleep. Its long battery life and close contact with the body, ensures sustained and accurate data.

The Galaxy Ring will play a big role in Samsung’s health initiatives along with the Galaxy Watch. A summary called ‘My Vitality Score’ will take into account all of the readings to give you a number to aim for in your health and fitness goals.


There’s also a feature called ‘Booster Cards’, that offers more AI powered analysis of your bio data.

Samsung Health Partner Day MAY 2024

“In this new mobile era of AI, Samsung is focused on remaining at the forefront of maximizing information,” said Dr. Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics.

“With the intelligence of AI, the most transformative technology of the century, users will receive more personalized insights and tailored health experiences through Samsung Health’s extensive global dataset from 64M monthly active users. And while every user’s wellness journey is unique, we believe they all start in the same way – by gaining a deeper understanding of their health through more comprehensive insights, spanning the longest time possible.”

He went on to say in an editorial, “This is why we’ve continued to build a portfolio of tools that help track their health conveniently, continuously and accurately.”

“This approach comes to life in our wearables portfolio with upcoming features like My Vitality Score and Booster Card, combining more data with new intelligent analysis to deliver even more personalised and actionable guidance day and night.”


Samsung has some serious competition in this space from well established Finnish tech company Oura.

The Oura Ring Generation 3 features Automatic Activity Detection, Daytime Heart Rate Monitoring, Period Prediction, Early Illness Detection, Rest Mode, and Personalised Bedtime Guidance.


Oura Rings start from US$299 with a US$5.99 per month subscription for in-depth reporting on your readings.

These include:

  • In-depth sleep analysis every morning
  • Personalized health insights & recommendations
  • Live & accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Temperature trend monitoring as a tool to predict periods and to identify early signs of sickness

Samsung has taken preemptive legal action to head off any patent claims before the Galaxy Ring hits shelves.

As Tim suggested in the Sky News segment above, “The Galaxy Ring” – “Sounds like a movie doesn’t it?”

It sure does .. and the drama is just beginning.

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WWDC 2024: Canon and Blackmagic Design to Help Push Apple Vision Pro Sales



Content is king and that’s why Apple needs Canon and Blackmagic Design cameras to capture high quality spatial and immersive video to wow potential buyers of Vision Pro headsets. We’ve been able to shoot Vision Pro spatial video for some time on the iPhone but soon professionals and expert amateurs will be able to capture better quality images, specifically for Apple’s premium device.

At WWDC Apple announced that Vision Pro will soon be selling in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. More markets means more content.

At a RRP of A$5,999, the Vision Pro needs to blow you away. Fortunately there will be more ways to gather stunning content thanks to Canon and Blackmagic Design. One for the enthusiasts and the other for pros only.

CANON RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens for EOS R7

The lens shown by Apple in its keynote is the Canon RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens for its popular APS-C R7 camera. It’s under development specifically for Apple Vision Pro spatial content. The new DUAL lens will be available between September and December this year.

The RF-S7.8mm F4 STM DUAL lens features a field angle that is similar to a person’s field of view and it’s equipped with a high-speed autofocus mechanism.

If you can’t wait for the Apple specific lens then try the one below.


The lens above is the (soon-to-be-released) RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM DUAL FISHEYE. It’s an APS-C (VR) lens and joins the RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE in the EOS mirrorless lineup.  

The lens will only be compatible with the EOS R7 camera at launch. The recording angle is 144-degrees but it results in a natural, forward-facing view of the world. It’s also the first 3D lens with Autofocus (AF) from Canon, with a One Shot Autofocus (AF). This helps a lot. You’ll also find a rear mounted filter holder for both screw-on and gelatin filters.  

The RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM DUAL FISHEYE is priced at A$1,999 RRP and should be available late June.

I’ve shot immersive 180 degree videos with Canon’s super-fast dual fisheye lens and although impressive, I really didn’t have anywhere to show them off. Although I tried my best in the Sky News segment below.

The Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye lens was the world’s first lens for digital interchangeable lens cameras enabling 180° VR shooting to a single sensor. Using a Canon R5 you could record 8K 30p. Resolution is extremely important when it comes to video on VR/AR headsets. The higher the better.

Apple Vision Pro’s ultra-high-resolution display system uses micro-OLED technology to squeeze 23 million pixels into two displays. Each one is the size of a postage stamp, delivering more pixels than a 4K TV to each eye.

That’s where Blackmagic Design’s URSA Cine Immersive camera system is set to reach new standards in immersive video quality on the Apple Vision Pro.


“We are thrilled to announce the first-ever commercial camera system and post-production software that supports Apple Immersive Video, giving professional filmmakers the tools to create remarkable stories with this powerful new format pioneered by Apple,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO.

“Built on the new URSA Cine platform, URSA Cine Immersive features a fixed, custom, stereoscopic 3D lens system with dual 8K image sensors that can capture 16 stops of dynamic range.”

Blackmagic URSA Cine Immersive uses a fixed, custom lens system pre-installed on the body, which is designed specifically for Apple Immersive Video. The sensor delivers a jaw-dropping 8160 x 7200 resolution per eye with pixel level synchronisation.

The custom lens system is designed specifically for URSA Cine’s large format image sensor with extremely accurate positional data that’s read and stored at time of manufacturing. This immersive lens data — which is mapped, calibrated and stored per eye — then travels through post production in the Blackmagic RAW file itself.

Cinematographers can shoot 90fps stereoscopic 3D immersive cinema content to a single file.

The camera comes with 8TB of high performance network storage built in. It records directly to the included Blackmagic Media Module, and can be synced to Blackmagic Cloud and DaVinci Resolve media bins in real time. This gives over 2 hours of Blackmagic RAW in 8K stereoscopic 3D immersive.

DaVinci Resolve with Apple Immersive video support for Apple Vision Pro will be released later this year. Blackmagic customers will be able to edit Apple Immersive Video shot on the URSA Cine Immersive camera. A new immersive video viewer will let editors pan, tilt and roll clips for viewing on 2D monitors or on Apple Vision Pro for an even more immersive editing experience.

Transitions rendered by Apple Vision Pro will also be able to be bypassed using FCP XML metadata, giving editors clean master files. Export presets will enable quick output into a package which can be viewed directly on Apple Vision Pro.

Blackmagic URSA Cine Immersive Features

  • Dual custom lens system for shooting Apple Immersive Video for Apple Vision Pro.
  • 8K stereoscopic 3D immersive image capture.
  • 8160 x 7200 resolution per eye with pixel level synchronisation.
  • Massive 16 stops of dynamic range.
  • Lightweight, robust camera body with industry standard connections.
  • Generation 5 Colour Science with new film curve.
  • Dual 90 fps capture to a single Blackmagic RAW file.
  • Includes high performance Blackmagic Media Module 8TB for recording.
  • High speed Wi-Fi, 10G Ethernet or mobile data for network connections.
  • Optional Blackmagic URSA Cine EVF.
  • Includes DaVinci Resolve Studio for post production.

DaVinci Resolve Immersive Features

  • Support for monitoring on Apple Vision Pro from the DaVinci Resolve timeline.
  • Ability to edit Blackmagic RAW Immersive video shot on Blackmagic URSA Cine Immersive.
  • Immersive video viewer for pan, tilt and roll.
  • Automatic recognition of Apple Immersive Video (left and right eye) for dual file stereo immersive content.
  • Option to bypass transitions rendered by Apple Vision Pro.
  • Export and deliver native files for viewing on Apple Vision Pro.

Availability and Price

Blackmagic URSA Cine Immersive and the update to DaVinci Resolve will be available later this year.

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