iPhone SOS via Satellite Saves Hikers

It’s believed to be the first recorded rescue in our region using Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite service since it was introduced across Australia and NZ a few months ago.

In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we explain how hikers in a remote area of New Zealand’s south island sent a message to emergency services via Apple’s monitoring system.

Watch Djuro Sen explain to Tim Gilbert how Apple’s Emergency SOS Satellite service works

Below is a post of the from the Canterbury & West Coast Rescue Helicopter Service on Instagram.

“Did you know that an iPhone 14 has an SOS feature that can connect via satellite and alert authorities if you become lost or injured out in the backcountry?

Yesterday we were able to respond to some hikers stranded in a river because they had this technology with them.

It’s pretty new technology so Personal Locator Beacons are still recommended on your travels but if you have a new phone check out this feature.”

The Canterbury & West Coast Rescue Helicopter Service.
Emergency SOS via Satellite is a free service on the iPhone 14 and above

The Emergency SOS via Satellite feature we showed you earlier this year works on all iPhone 14 models and future devices. It is a free service.

It sends messages via text to fast moving satellites overhead and it’s active across Australia and NZ.

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