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Jack Dorsey and Twitter




Ahead of the 2016 US and Australian elections, Image Matrix Tech Editor, Djuro Sen, sat down with Twitter boss and founder Jack Dorsey.

More than four years later Dorsey made a call to ban President Donald Trump from Twitter.

This two-part interview may be a few years old but it does give you an idea of Dorsey’s approach to social networking and why Twitter is different.

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Threads Goes Live Early Following Huge Demand: Goodbye Twitter?



Mark Zuckerberg flicked the switch early and now we have millions of users already posting on Meta’s answer to Twitter, Threads.

It was due to launch late tonight Australian time but Zuckerberg’s team saw no point delaying the start given the service was ready to go and many people had already downloaded the app.

Threads is an Instagram product, built by the Instagram team. You will need an Instagram account to get started on the new micro blogging platform.

Djuro Sen explains Threads on 10 News First

“Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas,” Instagram said on a blog post.

“Just like on Instagram, with Threads you can follow and connect with friends and creators who share your interests – including the people you follow on Instagram and beyond.

“And you can use our existing suite of safety and user controls.”

It’s being rolled out to more than 100 countries but if you’re in the EU, you’ll have to wait.

Sign up is incredibly simple. Once you download the app from (iOS or Google Play) you just connect to Instagram. It will auto populate your bio and contacts if authorised. And that is it.

Posts can be up to 500 characters long and include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. You can easily share a Threads post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose.

As a long-time Twitter user who is disappointed with the management of the platform, Threads feels good. At least, it does now.

You can control who can mention you or reply to you within Threads. Like on Instagram, you can add hidden words to filter out replies to your threads that contain specific words. You can unfollow, block, restrict or report a profile on Threads by tapping the three-dot menu, and any accounts you’ve blocked on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads.

Everyone who is under 16 (or under 18 in certain countries) will be defaulted into a private profile when they join Threads. 

At a time when Twitter is restricting access, Threads is opening up to the wider social universe.

In the blog spot Instagram said, “Soon, we are planning to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, the open social networking protocol established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the body responsible for the open standards that power the modern web.

“This would make Threads interoperable with other apps that also support the ActivityPub protocol, such as Mastodon and WordPress – allowing new types of connections that are simply not possible on most social apps today.

“Other platforms including Tumblr have shared plans to support the ActivityPub protocol in the future.”

Meta has no immediate plans to monetise the platform.

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Cyber Crime

Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Losing Twitter Legacy Blue Tick



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we covered the removal of legacy blue ticks from verified users. I was one of them, so was my host Tim. I never thought of the Blue Tick as a status symbol. It just proved it was me. There was a great example of a crude, fake Disney Account that got verified with a Gold business tick. The person who set it upon could not believe it was approved. It didn’t last long when the news spread and Twitter cancelled the account.

This is a big moment for Twitter and yes, it needs to make money, but we need to know who people are through a proper verification process.


The BitDefender & NETGEAR 2023 IoT Security Landscape Report is a wakeup call.

  • Smart TVs (at 52%) are most vulnerable to attack followed by Smart Plugs (13%) and Routers (9%)
  • Denial-of-Service (DOS) is the most common attack and most attacks rely on known CVEs that have been weaponised and included in automated toolkits
  • Australian homes have an average of 20 connected devices, the US 46, Europe 25. Based on US stats home networks are attacked 8 times per day

While smart TVs account for only 5.4% of the devices connected to networks protected by Bitdefender security solutions, they are responsible for 52% of all identified vulnerabilities. When such a small fraction of devices generate so much trouble, it becomes clear that the TV manufacturers have not prepared as they should for the wave of possible problems.

Smart plugs are the second type of devices that have become increasingly unsafe. It’s easy to see why people might not consider them intelligent. In many cases, consumers connect them to networks and never recheck them, let alone perform updates to cover any potential vulnerabilities discovered in the meantime. There are less numerous than TVs, but they also account for 13% of all identified vulnerabilities.

Read more about the report here.


The OPPO Find N2 Flip has just received a local rollout of a major software update. The further enhances the functionality of cover display which is massive compared to the competition.  

The new Spotify Widget, jointly developed by OPPO and Spotify exclusively for the Find N2 Flip, maximises the utility of the largest cover screen of any flip phone. Users can enjoy full play control, the Heart button and content recommendations without unfolding their device.

A custom-built Speech-to-Text quick reply feature is also included, accessible through the cover screen when users receive a message. All apps that enable quick reply will support Speech-to-Text, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages by Google, Telegram and LINE. 

It signals OPPO’s four-year commitment to major device improvements. 


The new DJI Mavic 3 Pro/Pro Cine have a three camera system – with two telephoto lens. It’s a game changer. You can shoot from longer distances without disturbing the subject. DJI has added a triple camera system to the Mavic Pro that unlocks the long lens compression look many of us are looking for in a travel friendly prosumer/professional drone. 

The 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera combines with an upgraded 166mm tele camera (7x zoom) and an all-new 70mm f/2.8 medium tele camera. (3x zoom)

Hasselblad Camera: 4/3 CMOS, Effective Pixels: 20 MP
Medium Tele Camera: 1/1.3-inch CMOS, Effective Pixels: 48 MP
Tele Camera: 1/2-inch CMOS, Effective Pixels: 12 MP

The Mavic 3 Pro allows up to 43 minutes of flight time giving creators more time to consider their shot composition and less time worrying about battery life.  Further peace of mind is provided by Omnidirectional Sensing and APAS 5.0.  Eight wide-angle vision sensors work seamlessly with a high-performance vision computing engine to precisely sense obstacles in all directions and plan a safe flight route to avoid them.

Waypoint Flight: Automatically plans a flight route based on the user’s preset waypoints and can precisely repeat routes.

You can see a full product breakdown here.

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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Colour changing BMW



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took a look at some of the weird and wonderful tech from CES, the world’s biggest technology show. We started off with BMW’s colour-changing car I-Vision-Dee. Last year BMW showed a black and white version, this year this concept car can switch between 32 colours. It uses e-ink technology on numerous panels so you can have racing stripes and multiple colours at once.  The ultimate goal for the Australian engineer leading the project, Stella Clarke – is to make it a spray on system. 


CES has a whole area devoted to startups and it’s my favourite part of the show. Here are some of my specials. 

  1. This boxing bag cover turns any old punching bag into a smart boxing bag. The sensors measure your speed, force, and reactivity. 

  2. Forget snowmobiles – MoonBikes Snowbike is one-third the size of the average snowmobile and gives its users the freedom of an e-bike, with the power of a motorcycle.

  3. This electric wheelchair gets around on flat surfaces and climbs starts. It’s unique and gets smarter with updates too. 

  4. This smartwatch band doesn’t need to be charged. It recharges itself entirely by motion, body heat and environmental light. Fits any classic watch.

  5. Unlike other massage guns – this device gives feedback on your sore biceps or quads while treating them.

  6. And while this isn’t from a start up this was too good not to talk about. Withings has developed a (hands-free) toilet sensor that will test your urine.


Tim had to deal with a fake Instagram page that was impersonating him last week. He reached out for advice and we discussed the issue on the segment. I reached out to Meta about this – and they pointed out their recent campaign which highlighted cloned or faked accounts. Reporting fake accounts quickly is the best thing to do and get others to join in. 2 factor authentication must be turned on if you want to keep secure.

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