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Last Minute Father’s Day Tech Gifts



These Father’s Day gift ideas vary in price and function but they might be just the thing to make Dad’s Day!

I’ve used them all and in no particular order, here they are:

NOTE: The PS5 and Xbox Series X would have been on this list but they are sold out everywhere.

espresso Displays

IM TECH - espresso display 2.jpg

These award winning portable monitors will give you that extra screen for your laptop or phone without the hassle.

Powered by a USB-C or HDMI the Australian designed panels are just 5mm thick.

They can also be used as a touch screen.

East to hold or mount anywhere.

They have magnetic stands that are adjustable.

They’ll take up a small footprint on your desk too.

A$499 FOR 13 INCH

A$529 FOR 15 INCH


Sony WF-1000X M4 Truly Wireless Earbuds or WH-1000X M4 Headphones

If dad wants to drown out the background to enjoy his favourite music then either of these noise cancelling headphones from Sony will do.

The WH model is for over-ears and WF for in-ears.

The earbuds are incredibly good at noise cancelling, especially if you get a nice tight seal. The new foam ear tips make a huge difference.

As for the music reproduction .. just wow.

The bass is strong but detailed without sacrificing the mids and highs.

If you want multipoint Bluetooth so dad can switch between his phone and computer – then get the over-ear set.

Make sure you look around for the price to match below and hurry … each batch sells out fast.



Save dad’s data with any version of my favourite portable SSD.

The T7 and T7 Touch (with fingerprint reader) are almost indestructible.

I’ve been using them since the T5 models and cannot recommend them enough.

Data transfer is fast and secure.

Choose between 500GB and 2TB sizes.

A$179 – A$679

I’ve used many tablets and nothing beats the iPad. The best buy right now is the iPad Air.

Get the 256GB Wi-Fi version and if the budget allows, the magic keyboard and pencil 2.

It has all the benefits of a great tablet plus it’s almost a laptop.

A$1 129 WITH 256GB



Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless MagSafe Charger


Not all MagSafe chargers are made equal. Dad’s desk or night table will look stylish with this 3-in-1 unit.

MagSafe makes charging easier because you’ll always get the alignment right and fast.

You’ll get a speedy iPhone charge too at 15 watts even when charging three devices at once.


Improve your dad’s golf game with this smart looking timepiece from Huawei.

I’ve been using it with my iPhone and it’s outstanding.

Choose from a stack of faces and enjoy up to two weeks of battery life. I’ve been getting up to a week due all the functions I have running.

It has a vast number of fitness and sports apps including golf swing analysis.

It’s also selling for $121 off.


 Smart speakers are good but to get the most out of Google Assistant you  really need a screen.

The Max recognises its owner via its camera which can be switched off for privacy.

Not only will it show security camera feeds and weather forecasts it also links to non-Google streaming services like Netflix.

Dad can also pause music and videos by just raising his hand to the camera.

It’s also on special.

PRICE: A$249

Every dad loves a robot, especially a robot that cleans the floor and empties itself.

The Deebot T9+ is a beast when it comes to cleaning carpet or hard floors.

It’s mapping and cable avoidance is extremely reliable and it also sprays the house with air freshener along the way.

It not only vacuums it also mops.

But the best thing is by far the auto empty station. No longer do you have to fumble around to clear the rubbish – it does it autonomously.

Just pick up the bag and toss it in the household bin.



One of the surprisingly good cameras I’ve been using is the Sony A7C.

This full frame camera comes with classic compact looks and the power to produce amazing still images and high quality 4K video.

I’ve used it many times for paid gigs with stunning results.

The low-light, autofocus and eye tracking performance make this ‘entry level’ full frame camera a wonderful allrounder.

It will definitely get dad’s photographic juices flowing.

It’s not cheap but for dad … it’s worth it.

Look around for the price below.

A$3 399 FOR A7C + 28-60mm KIT LENS

If dad has an older TV in the shed or bedroom, this device will transform it from dumb to smart TV in an instant.

One you log into Google TV you’ll be able to access most of the streaming services and watch in 4K resolution.

It also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ for accurate filmic quality.

It works on any TV with HDMI input.

You just need USB power to get it running.

The remote doesn’t have the best form factor but it has brilliant voice control.


OK, this isn’t a cheap one but I’ve been using one since the pandemic began and it has saved my life!

A real time saver when working from home during the pandemic.

I used to visit my local barista 2-3 times a day with coffee orders for the family.

This was around a $20 per day purchase.

I’ve been making my own espresso, piccolo latte and flat white coffees on various machines but this one turned out to be my preferred model.

The automatic grinding and pouring of the coffee is excellent.

I can’t get it to produce ‘cafe strength’ but it’s close.

The secret is doing the milk manually.

This a great mix between hi-tech coffee making and the personal touch.

I love it and so will dad.

Maybe get all the kids and mum to chip in the $$$$.


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