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LG’s 2024 TV Range has been revealed and Image Matrix Tech is here to help you wade through all the specs and prices.

The new flagship is the G4 OLED EVO, it’s powered by the all new Alpha 11 AI Processor.

“Every year in this business we think we’ve reached the pinnacle of TV technology,” Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia,” told Image Matix Tech.

“Our G3 TV from last year is an amazing product, but as soon as I saw this G4, I could see in my own eyes that level of depth and immersion that you get out of the picture thanks to that really strong Alpha 11 processor.”


The Alpha 11 chip can now analyse at a pixel level and multiple inputs.

“So previously we had to do that in zones, but Alpha 11 really understands every element of a picture to make it better.”

So what does it actually do? I would crudely describe it as a 3D effect. The same scene side-by-side with last year’s G3 does looks sharper. The subject appears to ‘pop out’ from the scene, not dramatically but it’s very noticeable.

It’s not for everybody but fortunately this AI feature can be turned off.

LG’s Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology allowed it to take on with emerging QD-OLED competition last year to stay on top.

“So it’s enabled us to get 70% brighter than our B4 OLED, which is already brighter than the models before, the 2023 models,” added Brown.

The flagship G4 is available in the following sizes.

OLED83G4 $9,999 March 
OLED77G4 $7,999 March 
OLED65G4 $5,299 March 
OLED55G4 $4,199 March 

LG’s tony brown talks about the 4k wireless oled, m4 coming to australia

In June you’ll be able to get the M4. It’s a new version of LG’s wireless 4K TV with all the benefits of the G4. It made for an impressive sight at the launch venue. A separate control box sends the video signal to the screen without a cable. The only connection to the screen is a power lead.

“So that product will be priced at about $2,000 more than our flagship G4 panel,” said Brown.

“But the $2,000 gives you the freedom of putting the brains and the processor of the TV anywhere you want in your house. So you can hang the TV from a wall or put it anywhere not constrained by wires.”

The other big difference between the G4/M4 flagship models and the rest, is brightness.

The flagship M4 is available in the following sizes.

OLED97M4 TBA June 
OLED83M4 TBA June 
OLED77M4 TBA June 

Now to the C4. I’m so tempted to use explosive descriptions but let’s keep it to the business at hand. Last year’s C3 is an outstanding TV so any improvement is a bonus. The C4’S Alpha 9 AI Processor is the obvious upgrade but I’m expecting a brighter result on the new model too. Not to mention a faster 144Hz refresh rate.


The best value C4 is available in the following sizes.

OLED83C4 $7,999 April 
OLED77C4 $5,999 March 
OLED65C4 $4,299 March 
OLED55C4 $3,299 March 
OLED48C4 $2,499 March 
OLED42C4 $2,199 March 

If you’re wanting to try an OLED for the first time, but aren’t sure about committing to a large spend, then the B4 is a good option.

“So our OLED range in 2024, we say is good, better and best,” Brown explained to us.

“And our B4 product is that entry-level good product. So we think it’s still a step above LED TVs because you step up into OLED technology with pixel by pixel black levels and contrast. So that’s definitely a step up. But it’s not as powerful as its brother, the C4, and this G4 is the best one, again, a step up from the C.”

Entry level B4 is available in the following sizes.

OLED65B4 $3,299 March 
OLED55B4 $2,499 March 

Although LG has dominated the OLED market for more than a decade, it’s also pushing its LED/mini-LED lineup just as strongly.

The 2024 LG QNED TV range has a group of technologies in use such as LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour. The 98-inch model is a cricket watcher’s dream.


Intuitive Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro splits the picture into blocks, analysing each in real time to detect brightest and darkest areas and elevating details to provide three-dimensional picture quality.

In the QNED91 MiniLED model you’ll find Million Grey Scale, differentiating between shades of grey and representing gradation with a 20-bit accuracy for enormous contrast range.

86QNED91 $5,499 April 
75QNED91 $3,999 March 
65QNED91 $2,999 March 
98QNED89$8,999 May 
86QNED86 $4,299 April 
75QNED86 $2,999 March 
65QNED86 $2,299 March 
55QNED86 $1,799 March 
86QNED81 $3,699 April 
75QNED81 $2,499 March 
65QNED81 $1,899 March 
55QNED81 $1,499 March 
50QNED81 $1,299 March 
43QNED81 $1,099 March 
86UT80 $2,899 March 
75UT80 $1,899 March 
65UT80 $1,499 March 
55UT80 $1,199 March 
50UT80 $999 March 
43UT80 $899 March 
42LX3Q LG OLED Flex $4,999 Available now 


When it comes to innovation, LG has been rewarded by the Australian public. StanbyME, the battery powered TV on wheels has been a runaway success. More on that in a separate story.

The suitcase version is coming to Australia this year and it will no doubt be a big hit too.

27ART10AKPL LG StanbyME $1,999 Available now 

27LX5QKNA LG StanbyME GO TBA September 

LG is also celebrating 10 years of LG making the WebOS system. The system is one of the best in the industry, if not the best. Now it’s even smarter, able to analyse what you’re watching on the TV and provide you the best possible content recommendations.

As part of its Re:New program, LG webOS 24 will also be the first operating system from the company to be applied to models from 2022, improving the versatility and longevity of LG TVs.

This program will also see future webOS upgrades applied to LG Smart TV models for up to five years. This is important, because as apps improve, the TV you have also needs to keep up.


LG is also doubling down on soundbar ‘like-for-like’ matching. The company is making it easier for consumers to match their LG TV to a soundbar.

The 2024 LG Soundbar models:

S95TR $1,699 March 
SG10TY $1,499 March 
S70TY $699 March 
S60T $499 March 
S40T $349 March 

Image Matrix Tech will have more on these models, including videos.

Full range of 2024 LG TVs by models:

Type Model RRP** In-store 
OLED evo M4 OLED97M4 TBA June 
OLED83M4 TBA June 
OLED77M4 TBA June 
OLED evo G4 OLED83G4 $9,999 March 
OLED77G4 $7,999 March 
OLED65G4 $5,299 March 
OLED55G4 $4,199 March 
OLED evo C4 OLED83C4 $7,999 April 
OLED77C4 $5,999 March 
OLED65C4 $4,299 March 
OLED55C4 $3,299 March 
OLED48C4 $2,499 March 
OLED42C4 $2,199 March 
OLED B4 OLED65B4 $3,299 March 
OLED55B4 $2,499 March 
QNED91 86QNED91 $5,499 April 
75QNED91 $3,999 March 
65QNED91 $2,999 March 
QNED89 98QNED89 $8,999 May 
QNED86 86QNED86 $4,299 April 
75QNED86 $2,999 March 
65QNED86 $2,299 March 
55QNED86 $1,799 March 
QNED81 86QNED81 $3,699 April 
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