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LG G3 is Best TV Black Friday Deal



When it comes to technology, Black Friday can leave many consumers wondering if they actually spent their money wisely.  Televisions are probably the hardest tech device to buy due to the complex nature of the product and wildly varied perceived value for money.

It’s an expensive purchase that it needs to last for years. Unfortunately, not all the best models have been discounted but plenty have been including my pick for the current sales period.

Here are my top picks during Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales.


83”             $7,775 save $3220

77”             $5887 save $2512

65”             $3485 save $1810 

The LG G3 has edged past Samsung’s S95C QD-OLED as the top buy due to Black Friday discounting. They are very similar in quality but LG’s pricing is now better – but you’ll need to buy today or over the next few days.


On thing is for sure …. you should never pay full sticker price for TVs as they will go through big cuts at some point during their year of release.

The Samsung S90C 65-inch QD-OLED is worth looking at for $2885. It’s discounted by $1410. It’s very close to the performance of the S95C.

take a tour of samsung’s av summer sessions

When it comes to portable projectors Samsung’s second gen Freestyle is thankfully currently discounted. It looks like the original but now has a faster processor so it’s very snappy. This is a much improved version. It’s great for backyard movies and camping. It’s on sale for $879 – a massive $416 off. You’ll need a compatible USB PD power bank with 50W/20V draw or you won’t be watching anything.

If you’re looking for a very large TV, the Samsung 98″ Q80C QLED is discounted by $1000 – now selling for $5985.

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Back to School Phone Options: Advice for Parents



As the school year begins across the country, many parents are deciding whether their children should have a mobile phone. The decision is further complicated by schools cracking down on phones nationwide.

So my advice?

Don’t hand down your old Android phone because security updates might be a problem. Unless it’s very new. Get the latest model possible but don’t spend too much. Let’s face it .. kids won’t be able to use them as much due to the school bans.

On the iPhone side – get a refurbished model that is supported by iOS 17. The iPhone 8 and X are getting too old.

Here are some affordable options I’ve compiled for you but you need to act fast as most are on special.

Nokia 2660 Flip

Nokia 2660 Flip is HMD’s retro design with modern insides. Its long battery life and basic operation, makes it ideal for the youngest school kids. It flips open to reveal a big display and big buttons. The 2660 Flip also comes with Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) and emergency button that works while closed. There are other features like games, web browsing and camera. Although the camera is made in the modern day, the shots it takes are definitely from the early 2000s. Good choice for mostly phone calls and text messages.


Nokia G22

The Nokia G22 is the first phone in the HMD Nokia range to enable Quickfix repairability. As I tell Tim in the video above, if your kid breaks it, he or she can fix it. Pretty handy skill to learn. Together with ifixit, Nokia has created a self-repairable phone where aspects like dead batteries, broken screens and bent charging cables can be fixed at home by the phone user, without voiding the warranty. The Nokia G22 prioritises a longevity-first design with the self-repairability being supported by 3 years of warranty and updates as well as a 3-day battery life.



The A79 5G is the most expensive in this group but it’s definitely good value. It has all the best feature you’d expect from OPPO. The large display is incredibly bright. You can see in the demo video above just how bright it gets. Brilliant for outside use by kids. A hefty 5,000mAh battery can be charged to 100% in approx. 74 minutes. A 5-minute charge is enough for up to 2.6 hours of phone calls. Dual AI rear cameras are outstanding at this price.

OPPO A79 5G FOR $367

Motorola G54 5G

The moto g54 5G comes packed with Motorola’s usual features which include twist-to-launch-camera and shake-for-torch. It has an excellent 6.5” display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The rear 50MP camera system with OIS can capture outstanding images. Of course, it’s also 5G. At less than $250, the Moto G54 is amazing value.


iPhone SE – refurb

iPhone has a long support timeline but it’s not endless. So I would recommends parents look for a 2020 SE device. These refurbished phones are great for families that want to be all-in with Apple team. This is handy for easy sharing and tracking. Although you’ll see many iPhone 8 and X models around, I would skip these as they are at, or nearing the end of their support life from Apple. This is important for security updates. It’s also a good idea to underscore the importance of phone security with you children as it will help set them up in later life. I’m pleased to say my kids are always doing the right thing when it comes to security .. and they are in their twenties now.



In this week’s segment we also covered smartwatches at school. I found that rules vary on the use of these devices in different jurisdictions. Some won’t allow them, others will, if they are in flight mode or with notifications turned off. Of course, there are exemptions for medical reasons.

Watches are often used to track where children are during the day so another option might be AirTag for Apple users or SmartTag2 for Samsung owners. Tile will work for all. Just pop one in your kid’s bag and you’re good to go. Although two-way communication isn’t possible you could just make them beep remotely. That could signify you need to make contact.

Or you could just ring the school .. old skool.

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Black Friday

Black Friday is Scam City – Don’t Get Caught Out



According to a new Bitdefender report, almost half of all Black Friday-themed emails and texts are scams. As Djuro Sen explains in the Sky News segment above, it’s likely to get worse as the big day gets closer – November 24th.

The report found that popular scam emails or texts include. 

  • Claim your chance to win a $100 Amazon voucher
  • Get into the spirit of Black Friday with a
  • [Black Friday] Save More, Shop More: Discount Designer Watches at Huge Discounts – Act Fast!
  • Unbeatable Black Friday Deals: Grab the Latest Gadgets Now


According to Bitdefender Antispam filters, only 56% of all Black Friday-themed spam delivered between 26 October and 13 November was a legitimate marketing lure. The remaining 46% were marked as scams.

Some scam campaigns impersonated big names in retail including Amazon and Target while others lured shoppers with huge sales and promotions on luxury bags and accessories (Louis Vuitton, Ray Ban and Rolex) and smart gadgets.

39% of such spam (by volume) was sent from IP addresses in the Netherlands. The U.S. shed 25% percentage points compared to our 2022 report, coming in second at only 24%.

The most impersonated brands in the scam correspondence include Amazon, Aldi, and Target.

In line with Black Friday scams, Bitdefender also analysed some of the most targeted industries in phishing campaigns delivered in the past 16 days. Bitdefender telemetry shows the finance industry as one of the most targeted, at 34%, with retail coming third, at 13%.

Bitdefender caught phishing campaigns trying to hijack Amazon, eBay, and PayPal accounts, as well as financial phishing targeting shoppers’ bank accounts. For example, on 6 November, 42% of the entire PayPal-themed correspondence (by volume) received by users was marked as a scam, as was 25% of the entire Amazon-themed correspondence received on 13 November.

Millions of individuals fall victim to scams every year, but pre-Christmas season sales are the busiest times for cybercriminals.

No matter how good the deal – do not click on it – even if you subscribe to the outlet.

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There’s Still Time: Amazon Prime Day



At the time of writing this, there was 8 hours 25 mins left in Amazon Prime Day (which actually lasts a couple of days).

But what I’m most interested in is; what SmallRig and other production outlets are discounting?

Camera cages, LED panels, softboxes and many, many more products are discounted for Prime members.

Other Prime Day deals include:

  • Prime Day technology categories 
  • Computers and monitors 
  • Projectors 
  • Printers 
  • Select Samsung Galaxy products 
  • Amazon Devices
  • Home entertainment 
  • Save up to 20% off on the Sony 55” X90K Bravia TV, live now   
  • Save up to 50% off RRP select Philips 4K UHD LED TVs, from 7 July
  • Home appliances 
  • Save up to 42% off RRP on select Instant Brand appliances, live now
  • Save up to 30% off RRP on the Sunbeam Barista Max Coffee Machine, live now
  • Save up to 35% off RRP on the Miele Triflex HX2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, live now
  • Save on select ECOVACS Robot Vacuumsm, live now
  • Save on select Roborock Robot Vacuums, live now
  • Save on select Arovec Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Filters and Home Products, live now
  • Save up to 33% off RRP on select ghd Air Professional Hair Dryers, live now
  • Computers and technology 
  • Save up to 43% off RRP on the ASUS RT-AX56U Wi-Fi 6 Router, from 10 July
  • Save on select Prism+ Monitors and TVs, live now
  • Amazon Devices 
  • Save 50% off RRP on the Echo Dot (5th Gen) for vibrant sound anywhere in the home, live now
  • Save 63% off RRP on the brand new Echo Pop, the latest compact smart speaker with Alexa, just $29
  • Save 56% off RRP on the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen), featuring an 8” HD touchscreen with Alexa, just $99
  • Save 50% off RRP on both the Fire TV Stick Lite and Fire TV Cube for the ultimate streaming experience, live now
  • Save 50% off RRP across the entire range of Fire TV products, including the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, our most powerful streaming media stick just $49
  • Save up to 20% off RRP on the Kindle Scribe, the first Kindle for reading and writing, with included Basic or Premium Pen, live now
  • Save 30% off RRP on the Kindle Paperwhite range, purpose-built for reading with adjustable warm light, from just $174
  • Save up to 28% off RRP on select Ring devices including the Spotlight Cam Pro and Plus, to help you protect what matters most, live now
  • Save 51% off RRP on the Ring Indoor Cam, watch over your home with the compact plug-in HD camera for just $49
  • Save 34% off RRP on the Ring Video Doorbell, to help you monitor your home your way, for just $99

You have until midnight Sydney time to get your orders in.

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